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Dino Printed Men T-Shirt





Any Rajasaurus themed product is bound to get attention. Such, that it will bewilder you. And obviously, people would be wary of you. Because it is more than just a theme!

Whether you have or haven?t heard about Rajasaurus it doesn?t really matter. But what matters is, it was a pre-historic dinosaur that was mean inside-out. And ?pleasing? was not a word that you would associate with it. So if you?re one of those kinds who love to live life on your own terms, choose what you like from our offerings. From eyeball grabbing apparels to sleek caps to lovely intimidating toys, we have it all for you.

A predator never comes out in the field everyday. But when it does, everyone else is a mere spectator. A perfect motif for one of Imagicaa?s most happening attractions ? Rajasaurus River Adventure, this t-shirt is for those who get heard by one and all. Among the smart, he?s the Smart Alec. And when he?s out there to have fun, everyone is in awe and admiration. Go for it with denim and shades.

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