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Do more at Imagicaa with an Express upgrade

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Book Express tickets and jump the queue for the most popular attractions.

Upgrade your experience

Enjoy more of the Theme Park and Water Park and in less time. Express tickets give you 1-time preferred access to select rides.
Select Express tickets as addons when booking tickets.

Did you know!?

You can upgrade your Regular Water Park tickets or Unlimited Theme Park tickets to Express at Imagicaa.
Check at the Admissions counters or at Upgrade Counters inside the Park.

Looking for the Unlimited Combo?

You can pre-book an Unlimited Combo package for the Theme Park.
It includes Express ticket + unlimited lunch buffet + unlimited dinner buffet.
It costs Rs. 1999 per person.

Express Eligible attractions at Imagicaa

Theme Park

  • Alibaba aur Chaalis Chor
  • Dare 2 Drop
  • Deep Space
  • Gold Rush
  • I for India
  • Mr. India
  • Nitro
  • Prince of the Dark Waters
  • Rajasaurus River Adventure
  • Salimgarh
  • Scream Machine
  • Wrath of the Gods

Water Park

  • Boomerango
  • Floatsa
  • Loopy Woopy
  • Raftaastic
  • Splash
  • Swirl Whirl
  • The Screamer
  • Twisty Turvy
  • Yell-O
  • Zip Zap Zoom