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5 Reasons Imagicaa Theme Park is everyone’s cup of tea

What is the one thought that crosses your mind when you hear the word theme park? Big roller coasters?  When it comes to theme or amusement parks, many people usually take a backseat as it doesn’t feature in their consideration set as a fun thing to do. Imagicaa theme park bridges this gap by offering rides that suit every age group and meet everyone’s fun element.



Here is a list of all the rides – low on height and high on fun quotient – that make Imagicaa everyone’s cup of tea and one of the only and best theme park near Mumbai!



Mambo Chai Chama – crazy tea cups

The literal meaning of Mambo Chai Chama is ‘crazy tea party’, which requires sitting in large tea cups that spin you around in a frenzy. Swing, spin, twirl and whirl in this playful ride with your entire family and come out feeling a gush of happy tears! This ride can be enjoyed by everyone, kids and elders alike, with no hesitation whatsoever at Imagicaa Theme Park, which is just a one day trip near Mumbai.



Bump It Boats

Theme park enthusiasts get ready for a bumpy ride filled with splashes and dashes! Bump It Boats is similar to the bumping cars you may have enjoyed with your friends or family at various locations. However, the one stark difference that sets this ride apart is that it has bumping rafts! There is no ground beneath you but water in which you must manoeuvre your raft along with many others! Buckle up and enjoy the bumps and dumps in this watery ride at your favourite theme park in Khopoli!



Mr India – the ride

Arey karte hain hum pyaar Mr India se, humko milna sau baar Mr India se! Get ready to meet your favourite characters from Mr India in the movie at Imagicaa Theme park. How you ask?! Simple -See them come alive in this one-of-a-kind ride that uses immersive motion simulation technology! While you sit in your car, watch, traverse this experience play on-screen, you feel like you are a part of the movie as you go through every bump and breadth of this magical journey. Enjoy this ride with your loved ones at Imagicaa Theme park!




Want to avoid the high-rise water slides but still want to enjoy them with your loved ones? Head over to Splash, one-of-a-kind open body waterslide at Imagicaa Water Park! This amazing family ride lets you put your guard down as you freely glide into a water pool with multiple steep bumps and turns. Have fun on this amazing ride at Imagicaa Water Park and slide down multiple times minus any worry!



Wacky Wavess

Enjoy the magic of sea-like waves that form every minute at Imagicaa Water Park Wacky Wavess! Gather your friends and family and take a cool dip in this one-of-a-kind wave pool where you are transported to a land of non-stop fun and frolic!

Imagicaa offers a plethora of activities for everyone and should be on the top of your places to visit list. Come and experience this magical experience yourself because once here, we promise you will love it and would never want to leave!

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