FAQ & Help

  • When and where can I purchase the Snow Park tickets? You can purchase Snow Park tickets online up to 24 hours prior. You can pay by debit card/ credit card/net-banking. Please, make sure to check your transaction before making the payment.
  • What all is included in the entry ticket? Your entry ticket will include boots, jackets and gloves on a rental basis and access to all attractions and activities inside the park. If guests do not have their own socks, these can be purchased at the counter - socks are mandatory to enter the Snow Park. Limited lockers are available at a cost of ₹100 to deposit your personal belongings, with a refundable deposit.
  • What is the age limit to enter Snow Park? Children below 2 years of age are not recommended in the snow zone
  • Are there any restrictions on who can enter the park? Since some areas are slippery, it is recommended that people with joint issues, asthma problems, heart patients and pregnant women consult their doctor before entering the park.
  • Are pets allowed within the park premises? No, kennel services are not provided and pets are not allowed in the snow area.
  • Can I cover 2 Parks in a day? You can cover Snow Park and, either Imagicaa Theme Park or Water Park in a single day.
  • Is the snow safe in the park? Yes, the snow at Snow Park is edible without any chemicals and preservatives and 100% safe.
  • Do you have a First Aid facility at Snow Park? Yes, we have on-site first-aid facilities.
  • Can I bring outside food to the park? Except for infants and pregnant women, outside food is not permitted within the Park.
  • Is Snow Park open during the monsoon season? Yes, as it is an indoor snow theme park, we are open year-round.
  • Can I leave the park and return on the same day? Re-entry into the park is not allowed once a guest leaves the premises.
  • How long will it take to cover the entire session? Guests need to arrive 30 minutes prior to their experience slot to gear up with jackets, boots and gloves. Each experience slot is approx. 45 minutes, during which guests are free to undertake any activities they wish.
  • Can I carry my own jackets and boots? We suggest you use the jackets, boots and gloves provided by us, since they are included in the entry ticket cost. If you wish to carry your own, please make sure they are suitable for the sub-zero temperatures inside the park. However, you need to carry your own socks.
  • Do you have baggage counter facility? Yes, once you enter the premises, you can opt for a locker at a cost of ₹100 to keep your belongings and valuables.
  • How do I reclaim a lost property? We have a lost and found counter inside the park. You can approach the attendant at the counter and he/she will help you retrieve or locate the lost item.
  • Is there wi-fi service available at Snow Park? Currently we do not have wi-fi services at the park.
  • Can I bring my camera to Snow Park? It is recommended to not carry mobiles and cameras inside the snow zone. Guests can approach our inhouse photographers to get clicked. However, if a guest wishes to carry their own camera inside the snow zone, a storage fee of ₹100 will be levied.
  • Are there any ATM facilities at Snow Park? No. However, we do have a facility wherein the guests can load money from their cards to their wristbands and use it in the park.
  • Can I get a refund on my tickets? Yes, but only if the tickets are cancelled 48 hours prior to your ticket date.
  • How is the money refunded if I cancel my tickets? Amount will be refunded as the same mode of payment during the bookings.
  • Within how many days will the money be refunded? Refund will be processed within 3-4 working days from the date of cancellation.
  • Is alcohol served at Snow Park? No. Park regulations prohibits alcohol to be served in the park.
  • What are Snow Park rates and timings? Please refer to our Tickets section for details.
  • What are the hours I should call if I want to speak to someone directly? Our call centre operates from 9am to 9pm. You can call us anytime within these hours on 022 62552929
  • How do I get directions to Snow Park? We located just off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, near Khopoli. View directions.
  • How much do I have to pay for parking? Parking charges are:
    • Car: ₹ 100
    • Bus: ₹ 300
    • Bike: ₹ 50
  • Do you have changing facilities? Yes, there are separate rooms for men and women.
  • What about my valuables when am in the park? Locker facilities are available on a chargeable basis. You will be allotted a locker wherein you can keep your valuables.
  • Can I host an event at Snow Park? Yes, we offer services for large groups looking to celebrate events at Snow Park.
  • Ticket counter timings? Ticket counter is open from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Are there Charging Stations for EV’s at Imagicaa?
    Yes, there are total 6 charging stations combined present at Imagicaa and Novotel Imagicaa. Electric Vehicles are becoming more and more popular and with Imagicaa always being at the forefront of sustainability practices, EV charging Stations have been set up for your convenience.
  • Where can I find the EV charging Station for my Electric Car?
    Imagicaa has a partnership with MG Motor India for the charging stations placed at Imagicaa Park and Novotel Imagicaa Hotel. 4 EV charging station are located near the VIP Parking zone and 2 are placed in the lower lobby level of Novotel Imagicaa. You can ask or contact your nearest Imagicaa/Novotel Imagicaa ground staff when you arrive to help guide you towards the nearest charging location.

General Information

  • Children below 10 years of age should be supervised by an adult at all times
  • Children below 2 years of age are not permitted inside the snow area.
  • Senior Citizens especially people with joint issues, asthmatic patients, heart patients, are to avoid entering the snow zone
  • Snow jackets, gloves, boots and earplugs are provided with purchase of admission tickets
  • Put away your personal belongings in the locker provided to you. If the locker key is lost, you will be fined
  • Mobiles and cameras are not allowed in the snow zone. Please approach the in-house photographers to get yourself clicked.
  • Follow the staff instructions at all times

Safety Instructions (Do's)

  • Be dressed in proper attire i.e., snow jackets, gloves, boots and earplugs while entering the snow area
  • Consult the doctor before entering the snow area if you are:
    • Pregnant
    • Suffering from any medical conditions related to the heart, back, neck, asthma, etc
    • Suffering from any other medical condition which can get aggravated
  • Deposit mobiles and cameras at the counters before entering the snow area.
  • Use dustbins at all times to dispose off waste

Code of Conduct (Don'ts)

  • Do not litter the snow area
  • Run down the slope
  • Slide without using the tube or mat
  • Disturb other visitors or ambience
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