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Advertising and Branding Opportunities at Imagicaa

9+ Million Guests | 6+ Hours of Captive Audience
365 Days of Branding Avenues | Unlimited Opportunities | 1 Destination

Our Partners

Imagicaa offers you the perfect platform to reach out to over 7 million segmented audience, including young adults, corporates, school kids, teenagers, families and grown-ups. Imagicaa, which offers a theme park, water park, snow park and premium hotel, offers entertainment, fun, adventure, dining, shopping and accommodation all at a single location.

It attracts tourists from all over India with lot of visitors coming from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, New Delhi, Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Goa & other states of India, as well as international geographies like US, UK, Canada, Japan. Each guest, on an average, spends more than 6 hours at our destination. With a variety of opportunities and 6 hours of captive audience, you are sure to engage and capture their mindshare.

Annual Deals

Connecting to millions of captive audience at the destination is not difficult for associates of Imagicaa. Partner with us via Annual procurement and advertising deals.

Ride Sponsorship

Imagicaa offers the best in-class rides, slides, attractions and experience zones. Position your brands by owning the naming rights and be a part of the never fading memories of visitors.

Advertising Inventory

Various OOH opportunities are available in the park at key locations for branding such as lamppost kiosks, hoardings, signage, standees, in-restaurant branding, ticket branding, floor branding etc. Choose what fits your communication best and grab millions of eye balls.

BTL Activity

People are most receptive to try new products when at ease. At Imagicaa, guests enjoy a lot of leisure time while looking for newer and exciting things to do. Innovative BTL activations attract quality audience with high levels of brand recall and product testing.


Entertainment being the core experience for Imagicaa, we host an array of events across the year which attract like-minded people to experience the best talents perform and entertain the visitors. Brands can join hands and make these events successful and leverage on the reach which Imagicaa can give with pre-event, on ground and Post event advertising and promotion options.

Films & Shootings

One of the best themed destinations of international standard, Imagicaa makes a perfect backdrop for shootings of movies, ad films, pre-wedding shoots or a portfolio. With picturesque views at the theme park, waterpark, snow park, hotel and restaurants, it’s a magical destination where stories are weaved together.

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