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All 4 of Imagicaa’s Roller coaster Covers Your Need For Speed, Need For Thrill, Need For Happiness & Need For Exploration While Testing Your Mettle.

Are you ready to have your world turned upside down in the most adventurous way? Roller coasters are the best way to experience this in the safest of the environment! In a controlled manner, you set out on a ride that is full of unexpected twists and turns with a change in speed that will have more than just butterflies in your stomach!

Adventurous Roller coaster rides are the star attractions at Imagicaa! near Mumbai, Pune & Lonavala. Do you dare to ride India’s fastest, tallest and floorless roller coaster – Nitro? Is the cowboy in you brave enough to ride back in time with Gold Rush Express? Are you ready to explore the unknown darkness in Deep Space? Tour Dholkapur with your kids and trusted friend Chhota Bheem? Imagicaa takes care of everyone, right from your kids to the kid in you.

India's Baddest & Fastest Roller Coaster Ride

Get your adrenaline pumping with excitement in just 150s by zipping across in the fastest, tallest and floorless roller coaster – NITRO.

Explore Space with Indoor Roller Coaster ride

To the Moon & Back! Set out on the ultimate space exploration thrill on India’s only indoor dark roller coaster, DEEP SPACE.

Ride Back In Time To The Wild Wild West Era

Go back in time to uncover the farmsteads & gold mines of the Wild West Era with GOLD RUSH EXPRESS roller coaster ride.

A Joy Ride Through The Universe Of Dholakpur

Discover the Dholakpur universe and roller coaster your way to your ‘Junior’s Happiness’ aboard Chhota Bheem –The Ride

Gear up for an extreme thrill adventure.

This ride will shoot you like a rocket in the sky in a matter of seconds. Experience a total free fall from the height of 132 feet with DARE 2 DROP

This thrill ride is surely for the crazy ones

If you are looking for absolute disorientation, get seated. The Scream Machine first gathers some momentum by spinning.