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All-Season Indoor Attractions & Rides

The fun never stops at Imagicaa with unique, exciting indoor coasters, next-gen attractions, and shows

A flying experience across India

Soar over India in this unique IMAX experience, as we journey across India, from the southern tip to the mountains at the top. Marvel at the country’s beauty in I FOR INDIA.

Explore Space with Indoor Roller Coaster ride

To the Moon & Back! Set out on the ultimate space exploration thrill on India’s only indoor dark roller coaster, DEEP SPACE.

A Bollywood blockbuster motion simulator ride

Drive, fly, bump, drop and battle Mogambo, as he once again attempts to recover the magic bracelet in this amazing simulator ride, featuring MR. INDIA AND FRIENDS.

Experience an underwater love story

Experience a 360° view of an underwater world, with Neera and Shera, in the PRINCE OF THE DARK WATERS indoor domed attraction.

A humourous real-time animatronic show

Join Detective Bow Wow, an internationaly renowned police detective, find a lost artifact. Laugh out loud at the DETECTIVE BOW WOW SHOW.

Step in and experience the forces of elemental gods

Ancient deities come alive in a blend of live theatre, special effects and multimedia, to give you an absolutely immersive experience. Experience the WRATH OF THE GODS, if you dare.

Save Gulabad city from forty thieves in this exciting interactive ride

The Sultan is in a grave situation and the future of the kingdom of Gulabad is in your hands now. Forty thieves have trespassed into the city walls and pose a threat to its treasures. It is upon you to retain the pride of this kingdom. Experience the ALIBABA AUR CHALIS CHORR, if you dare.

Uncover dangerous secrets of haunted fortress!

Salimgarh-dungeons, torture rooms and a princess trapped for eternity. Would you dare encounter these and live to tell the tale? Attempt to navigate these eerie corridors only if you think you can get out alive! Experience the SALIMGARH, if you dare.

Explore the Lost world of ferocious dinosaurs

Transport yourself to the world of ferocious dinosaurs by riding this unnerving water boat adventure packed with sudden twists and ambush turns. Beware of the Rajasaurus, a dinosaur mightier than the T-Rex, who doesn’t see you as tourists, but lunch! Experience the RAJASAURUS RIVER ADVENTURE, if you dare.