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About Imagicaa Snow Park

Snow Park brings to life the snow experience at sub-freezing temperatures. It is one-of-its-kind indoor real snow based theme park that gives a fun and a relaxing experience to its entries. Covering an area of 15,000 sq. ft., it is one of India’s largest snow parks.

Worried that your little Eskimo kids will consume the real snow? Don’t worry, the snow at Snow Park is edible without any chemicals and preservatives and 100% safe. This comestible snow is prepared by throwing RO purified water at high speed in an enormous condenser, which condenses the water droplets to generate soft snow.

Join us in Imagicaa Snow Park by playing basketball, riding down the toboggans, climbing the rocky snowy mountains, sliding down the slides in a raft, having a snowball fight or just relaxing and sipping a cup of coffee at -5°C.

Guests can look forward to spending their time not only doing activities like snow hiking, snow rafting but also on the dance floor or posing amidst the snow castle and its sculptures.

So get together with your friends and family in the ice igloo and enjoy real snow all year round for the young and old in the world of snow play!