FAQ (Frequently Answered Questions) at Water Park

How can I purchase Park tickets on-line?
You can purchase your Park tickets 24 hours prior through our convenient and secure online booking service. You can pay by debit card/credit card/netbanking. Please, remember to check your transaction before making the payment.
What do I do if I am having trouble retrieving my internet tickets?
Wait for the confirmation mail and note down the Transaction Id and Itinerary No. For further information call us at 022-62552929.
What are Water Park hours and rates?
Imagicaa Water Park is open all days. Water Park timings are 10:30 am to 6 pm. View Offers.
How can I book a group visit?
You may fill a form for groups of 50 or more. Our team will get in touch.
Does Water Park offer any group discounts?
Yes. Learn more about current promotions and offers.
Does Water Park have a Birthday Party package?
Yes we do, for more details contact our call centre.
Does Water Park supply life jackets and where can I get one?
Yes we do provide life jackets. These will be available for the rides where life jackets are required.
Can towels, lockers and tubes be rented?
Towels and Lockers may be rented. Tubes are free for adults and can be purchased for kids.
Towel Rent: INR 100, Deposit: INR 200.
Locker Rent: INR 200, Deposit: INR 200.
Can I bring food or drinks into the park?
No food or drinks may be brought inside the park premise.
Are tubes other than those that Water Park provides allowed in Wacky Wavess (wave pool)?
We allow the tubes and floats that guests may bring from outside and they are allowed in Wacky Wavess.
Are children’s floats (arm floats, inflatable tubes) allowed?
Yes, only for kids and children. The same can be purchased in the Park.
Are beach balls, Frisbees and volleyballs allowed in the park?
Inflatable beach balls are allowed. Frisbees and volleyballs are not allowed. Some may be purchased in the Park.
Are wheel chairs allowed in the park?
Where can I find information for guests requiring medical help?
First aid & medical help will be provided at Medical Centre inside the park.
Is there any dress code for the park? What’s the clothing requirement?
Clothing for Men
  • V-cut , U-trunk swimwear not allowed.
  • Beach shorts / jammers / tights allowed (in polyester/nylon).
  • Water park wear also available for sale in stores.
Clothing for Women:
  • Salwar kameez, burkha, sarees strictly not allowed
  • Swim wear/ Tights & Tees allowed (In polyester/nylon based fabrics)
  • Water park wear also available for sale in stores
Clothing for Kids:
  • Swim wear/ Beach wear in polyester/nylon allowed
  • Water park wear also available for sale in stores
Are T-back bathing suits allowed to be worn in the park?
Yes, they are allowed.
What are the height requirements and depth of water for the rides?
Every ride has different specification. Check the safety instruction before entering any rides.
Will any rides be closed during my visit to the park?
The Management makes all efforts to keep the rides live, however rides may remain non-operational due to maintenance or safety-related issues.
Can I exit the park and re-enter throughout the day?
No, you cannot.
What are the hours I should call if I want to speak with someone directly?
Our call centre operates from 9am to 9pm, You can call us and we will be happy to help you.
How do I get directions to Water Park?
Get the directions to Imagicaa.
How much do I have to pay for parking?
Parking Charges: Car: INR 100, Bus: INR 300, Bike: INR 50.
Is there a specific parking area for guests with disabilities?
What time does the Guest parking open at?
Guest parking opens at 9am.
How can I pay for admission, food, and souvenirs?
We support multiple forms of payment modes – cash, debit card and credit card.
For purchasing Food and Retail inside the park, you may use Store Value – money that is loaded onto you entry wrist band.
Do I still have to pay if I’m not going to get in the water?
Do you allow smoking or alcoholic beverages?
Yes, a smoking zone is located near Sunbeatz Bar.
Alcohol is served at Sunbeatz Bar. Bar facility available only on pre-specified days.
What if my group gets separated?
We recommend guests decide a meeting point before entering rides. It may not be possible for staff to locate group members.
Who should parents report to, if they can’t locate their children?
Our on-ground staff (GREs) will assist you.
What about water safety? Do you have lifeguards on duty?
Yes. We have certified lifeguards for all of our attractions. All our lifeguards undergo rigorous training. In addition, our first aid station is staffed with emergency medical technicians.
What if I need medical care?
We provide first aid and medical help at the park.
What about my eye glasses?
Please read the ride safety instructions before entering any ride.
Guest can wear eye glasses in attractions like Wacky Wavess and Floatsa, however they must remove them on slides.
Do you have changing facilities?
Yes. There are separate facilities for men and women.
What about my valuables?
Lockers are available on Rent (Rent: INR 200, Deposit INR 200).
Valuables will be the responsibility of guests. Guests are advised to travel valuable-free or with minimum valuables. Valuables like jewellery are not permitted on any slide or attraction even on guests’ responsibility.
What is your chaperone policy?
Chaperone services not available.
How can I get in touch with you?
You can write to us at contactus@Imagicaaworld.com and/or call us on 022 - 62552929.
What kind of restaurants are there in the park?
We have different types of restaurants in the park:
  • Red Bonnet Express – offers burgers, fried chicken, hot dogs, etc.
  • Sunbeatz – offers pizzas and Lebanese street food, yummy rolls, juices, shakes and smoothies – from freshly squeezed juices to tropical mocktails
  • Ammos: The Food Court – offers street-style dine-in with multiple cuisines encompassing north Indian, Mexican, Oriental, Pan-Asian and Mumbai street food. Exclusive Jain section serving tastiest of Jain food.
Can I reserve my choice of menu in advance with the restaurants?
No, however you can place your order and we will be happy to assist you.
Do you offer vegetarian meals?
Yes, we do offer vegetarian meals at Ammos: The Food Court and Red Bonnet Express.
Is there a combined ticket – Park + restaurant?
No, we currently do not offer combo tickets or packages.
What if it rains?
Water Park pongees/ponchos may be purchased at the Park.
Does Water Park offer rain checks in case of inclement weather?
Water Park does not offer a rain check facility.
Do swimming pools and slides have access restrictions?
Yes, different rides have restrictions. We suggest that you read all the safety instructions before entering any slide
Is it mandatory to wear a swimming cap?
No, it’s not mandatory.
Can I withdraw cash? Is there any ATM facility?
Yes. An ATM of Bank of Baroda is located at the retail store.
What if I lose something?
You can contact our lost & found desk for support.
Can I celebrate my birthday or a particular event at Water Park?
Yes, you can celebrate birthdays in Imagicaa Water Park.
Can I bring my dog into Water Park?
No, kennel services are not provided and pets are not allowed in the water.
How can I purchase tickets?
You can purchase tickets online, via the call centre, via official travel agents or at the Park entrance.
Are there limitations for single riders?
There are four rides wherein riders cannot enjoy solo.
Are swim diapers required on tots?
What food and drinks can I bring in to Water Park?
Apart from infants and expecting mothers, guests are not allowed to bring outside food and beverages into the park.
Can I leave the park and return on the same day?
Re-entry into the park is not allowed, after guests have made an exit.
What items can I purchase once inside the park?
Our souvenir stores offer various merchandise such as t-shirts, towels, etc.
Is Wi-Fi facility available?
No, currently we don’t have Wi-Fi facility available. However special arrangements have been made for mobile connectivity, with Vodafone, Idea & Airtel.
What can I buy at the water park?
Water Park wear, utility products, towels and skin care products.
Ticket Counter Timings?
Ticket counter remains open from 9am to 5pm.
My leg/arm is in plaster. Can I still use your rides?
Every ride has its own specifications that states which attraction can be accessed by Injured / Disabled / Pregnant etc. Please check the details for each ride.
Can I get a refund of my ticket?
Yes, however there are stipulations. Please see the cancellation policy for details.
What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations of entry tickets are permitted only up to 48 hours prior to the intended date of visit, and 25% cancellation charges shall be levied on the total price paid. No refunds are permitted if cancellations are made within 48 hours prior to the intended date of visit. Partial cancellations or modifications are not permitted.
The Park tickets are issued only for the date as mentioned thereon. These tickets cannot be used on any other date and no refunds shall be given for unused tickets. Similarly, no chargebacks are permissible on unused tickets. No refunds are admissible on cancellation or alteration of vehicle bookings.
How is the money refunded if I cancel my tickets?
Amount will be refunded to the same mode of payment which was used during the time of booking.
Within how many days will i receive my Refund?
We will endeavour to process the refund within 30 days from the date of cancellation.
Are there Charging Stations for EV’s at Imagicaa?
Yes, there are total 6 charging stations combined present at Imagicaa and Novotel Imagicaa. Electric Vehicles are becoming more and more popular and with Imagicaa always being at the forefront of sustainability practices, EV charging Stations have been set up for your convenience.
Where can I find the EV charging Station for my Electric Car?
Imagicaa has a partnership with MG Motor India for the charging stations placed at Imagicaa Park and Novotel Imagicaa Hotel. 4 EV charging station are located near the VIP Parking zone and 2 are placed in the lower lobby level of Novotel Imagicaa. You can ask or contact your nearest Imagicaa/Novotel Imagicaa ground staff when you arrive to help guide you towards the nearest charging location.