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5 reasons to head to a theme park during the monsoon

August 9, 2018 - by tubbby

Rainy days are probably the best time to visit a Theme Park. The beautifully designed aesthetics of the park, which is made keeping in mind what guests like the most, turns even prettier during monsoon. While everyone is busy planning a trip into various nature hubs, and struggling to get decent space in the nature's lap, I am listing down 5 reasons for you to visit a theme park on a rainy day. Also, adding on to the merriment - Imagicaa has its rides open on all 365 days, ensuring a merrier experience.

1. The oh-so-awesome weather

It isn't just the rain soaked drive, imagine the greenery at the park under the monsoon overcast – fresh breath of air, delectable food and scenic venue- & of course the power-packed roller coasters brimming with thrill under the rains. And in case you're the type that doesn't like to get wet in the rain, head to the indoor rides. With a wide variety of exciting indoor attractions that Imagicaa houses – it sure is a win-win for all!

2. That much wanted (peaceful) family time

Imagicaa has rides and attractions ranging for all ages and size. In a nutshell, it has something for everyone! So the next time you are planning a family time, in nature's lap, and wincing the very next moment because you get reminded about hundreds of more families hovering around – think of Imagicaa, and drive straight to Khopoli (well technically, there is a tiny diversion from Khalapur toll naka on the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway). I am sure you will have 100% fun and peace at the park – along with 200% satisfaction and happiness.

3. Monsoon special food

There's nothing to a long drive, picnic, outing, family time, any time...life – if the food is not interesting! Hence, it is imperative to ensure that there is ample amount and variety of food for all, especially during monsoon – because the rain gods demand for it! Are you imagining spicy pani puri, and crunchy pakodas, and hot chocolate, and truck loads of fries? Good news dear readers – Imagicaa presents special monsoon menu to treat and feed you well.

4. Safe, Clean, and Happy

Contrary to usual concerns of wet rides and rusted rails, Imagicaa is actually ISO certified. Which technically means, it is tested to be safe, and the rides, indoor and outdoor alike, function round the year – come hail or shine! To top it up, the Imagicaa family takes safety and hygiene pretty seriously, and they make sure that no one gets to leave the park without a satisfactory serving of security, cleanliness, freshness, good times – with an extra dollop of happiness.

5. Pocket friendly Price

With the peak season past us and most of our guests going back to their schools and colleges, the peak pricing is also fading out. This technically makes it the best Pocket Friendly outing option in the Monsoon, because come hail or shine, Imagicaa continues to keep its gates open into the world of fabulous entertainment and fun (*drum rolls* please).


Well, since my blog may not convince all of you, and most people might still be busy hustling for space and searching for that one very beautiful nature experience, there are fair enough chances that the rest of you get to save your money by not buying the Express tickets, and still enjoying the luxury of nature and thrill at Imagicaa, probably getting to skipping the queue at most of the rides.

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