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5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss On Your Weekend at Imagicaa Theme Park

We often get asked, ‘Which are the rides that one should not miss at Imagicaa?’. To save you from the hassle of on-spot ride selection, we bring you a list of 5 rides that you must experience rides during your visit to Imagicaa. Whether you are coming for a 1-day visit, or for a weekend staycation; we recommend experiencing the below rides at Imagicaa theme park before anything else. Observing which rides our guests have enjoyed the most and repeatedly visited over the years; we have put together a list of 5 things you shouldn’t miss at Imagicaa over your adventurous weekend plan:

Must-Experience During Your Weekend Adventure


    • Deep Space and Nitro Roller coaster

      A visit to Imagicaa is incomplete without tasting the thrill and excitement of roller coasters. Deep Space is a unique roller coaster to experience where you ride through the galaxies, stars, and planets while losing all sense of body and time. Nitro is the fastest roller coaster of India full of unexpected loops, twists that will set your pulse rate higher!


    • I for India

      The India mystical landscape themed ride is famous amongst the parents and senior citizens. This ride will take your friends and family on a memorable tour across India. Soar through the skies exploring the scenic beauty of India from the huge Buddha statue in Ladakh to boat rides in the backwaters of Kerala. Can you think of a better weekend gateway near Mumbai where you can spend such fun-filled time with your family?


    • Cinema 360 – Prince of the Dark Water

      Imagicaa is a weekend destination where you can experience extraordinary themes and witness otherworldly experiences! In this dome-film, lose yourself in the magical underwater world filled with vibrant mermaids, stunning sea creatures, and a gripping story; which will leave enthralled! Many say that these creatures also visit in their dreams, such is the aliveness of this cinema!


    • Alibaba challis chor

      One of the popular family rides where you can compete with your friends and family and be focused on saving the treasures from thieves in the ancient kingdom of Gulabad by shooting the thieves. As you shoot the thieves, you collect points. Cherish the moment when you beat your friends by collecting the most points. Equipped with laser guns eliminate the 40 goons that are in search of these treasures. Watch out they may pop out from under a cave or be hidden behind a beautiful tree!


    • Grand Imagicaa Parade

      Every evening between 5.30 PM to 6:00 PM, our Stars of Imagicaa organize Grand Imagicaa Parade! Bundled with spectacular performances, singing, dancing, fairy tale performances; this parade is full of energy. Who can imagine that such an incredible experience of the grand parade of the international level is so close at a weekend destination near Lonavala!



At Imagicaa, there is something for everyone, and the best way to explore this is by having a relaxed weekend near Lonavala! Pamper your body and mind at by rejuvenating at Novotel with spa, delicious food and comfy stay. Couple it up with a day at Imagicaa Water Park if you are a water baby. We look forward to welcoming you and hearing about your experiences!


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