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A Perfect Weekend Getaway near Mumbai for couples with a streak of adventure!

When we talk about a weekend getaway near Mumbai for couples, we immediately picture a place with a romantic, cosy atmosphere with candle-lights. However, times are changing and so are we, today young couples want to ditch the Paris formula and take on rather exciting weekend plans that galvanize their trips. Nevertheless, living in the city and being confined to the daily routine, couples prefer an excursion for the weekend, and one such adventure lies only 1.5 hours away from Mumbai! Yes, a lovely drive amidst nature, beautiful roads, romantic weather and you reach Imagicaa within no time.



A perfect amalgamation of adventure and entertainment, Imagicaa makes it a perfect weekend getaway for couples near Mumbai. A magical world filled with rides, entertainment, Water Park, dining, shopping and stay – Imagicaa is an all-inclusive fun stop for that perfect getaway you have been planning for weeks! In today’s age and time, couples not only seek romantic getaways – they are looking for bonding over experiences and sharing such experiences over social media is another fad we are well aware of. Therefore, Imagicaa is a perfect choice for couples looking for a weekend getaway near Mumbai. A Theme Park amidst lush green surroundings, with state-of-the-art accommodation, combined with delicious dining makes Imagicaa a perfect weekend getaway for couples near Mumbai.



I’d ‘ride’ for you – should be one of the official couple vows!

Imagicaa theme park is driven by a whole world of fantastical themes to bring Indian families’ experiences that they have never had before. No expense has been spared to bring in world class international designers, the best architectural elements and the most exciting novel attractions.


Imagicaa is for couples who love rides or who want their partners to explore their audacious side. This makes it an excellent escapade or a weekend getaway near Mumbai for couples.. Roller Coasters like Nitro, Deep Space or Scream Machine are some of the top picks for you! Nitro is the fastest ride and will give you the needed adrenaline rush, whereas Deep Space will take you on a romantic ride into the space – it’s like telling your partner ‘love you to the moon and back’ quite literally. To get your nerves racing, you can also try the Dare to Drop – as the name suggests, with this ride, shoot up to the sky and drop down in a jiffy – this ride will have your pulses racing and wanting to hold your partner tighter. Experience an underwater love story with Prince of The Dark Water or go crazy spinning with the Scream Machine! No matter which ride you choose, Imagicaa surely is a destination for romantic couples with a steak of adventure.



Aren’t you a water baby, baby?

You cannot miss the Water Park when in Imagicaa! A romantic getaway for couples near Mumbai surely should entail a couple of water slides and floats, don’t you agree? Go for the capsule slide ride with Loopy Woopy or do twists and turns with Swirl Whirl! The water baby in you will love the Floatsa – chilling and floating will have you wanting for more.



How about bouncing like a boomerang? Shoot up the wall, pause and then bang – fall back with a kick with the Boomeranggo! This one ride at Imagicaa will have you screaming at the top of your voice. While you are at it, surely go for the Raftaastic slide – this ensures loads of thrilling wall time on the slide with steep drops and turns!



What is a weekend minus any binge?

Romantic weekend getaway near Mumbai will be an incomplete one without delicious food and shopping, right? Once done with the venturesome rides and daring roller coasters, go on a shopping spree before you hog on to the delicacies. A weekend getaway for couples near Mumbai at Imagicaa truly has more to offer! Hit the merchandise store for a shopping spree for your loved ones back home or buy the fun, quirky couple’s t-shirts to sport together (oh, so romantic).



A romantic dinner date on a ship sounds just about seamless? Arrmada will host a delightful one for you! If you are a chips and burger fan and love American Diners, Red Bonnet fits the bill here. The various Food Courts here serve cuisines ranging from North and South India, Mexican, Italian, Pan-Asian as well as Lebanese and African delicacies. All this variety just at the Theme Park! Water Park provides the same eclectic range of dishes too. Hit up Sunbeatz for lip-smacking pizzas or Ammos for that full hearty meal or just go binge-crazy on Red Bonnet burgers.



We’ve got your stay covered!

You need not worry about your weekend stay. Make your weekend extra special by taking a thrilling staycation at Novotel Imagicaa. The on-premise hotel is a spectacular property with inclusions like hotel rooms with complimentary breakfast. But that’s not all! As a couple book a spa session to relax or take swim together or even compete each other in indoor games. The aesthetically pleasant pool lounge area also is a perfect spot to chill and spend some much-in love moments together before you retire for the night.


Summer holidays stay novotel imagicaa


A perfect getaway for the weekend for a contemporary couple!

Whoa! Now that’s what I call an adventuresome weekend getaway for couples near Mumbai! Escapades that are nothing but romantic are a chapter of the past now.Couples are looking forward to getaways that excite them and make their bond even stronger. Thrilling rides and adventurous trips surely build a lot of trust amongst couples and brings in the needed excitement. Imagine spending a gratifying weekend with your better-half and coming back home with a camera roll filled with nothing but love, adventure and Imagicaa’s magic!

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