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Attention Corporates! Roll In Fun with Imagicaa’ Wacky Team Building Activities

June 15, 2021 - by Imagicaa

A company is as good as its people. The hard part is actually building the team that will embody your company culture and propel you forward ~Kathryn Minshew, The Muse


Hey Corporates! Ever noticed how good things just seem to happen outside. Yes outdoor employee engagement activities are an excellent way to build a stronger team. Outdoor activities help in reinvigorating the overall health and lowering stress. But when it comes to choosing a location to conduct these corporate team building activities; theme parks may not even fall into the consideration set. We, at Imagicaa want to break this chain of thought as Theme Park team building activities make for a Great Experience!





You may be wondering how corporate engagement activities could be married with a themed entertainment park like ours. Answer lies in your question. I mean why not! Our parks offer endless possibilities for creating tailored team building activity solutions.

Spanning over large expanse of land, our lush green open parks are ideal for outdoor activities. To be honest we promote getting out into nature as it’s shown to have positive effects on employee productivity.



Thinking of ideating and curating indoor games for your employees to enjoy? Need not stress. We have banquet facilities to conduct them.



Trust us we take care of your every need.


No matter the type of entertainment laced activities you seek for your group size; we have a range of employee engagement activities you can opt from. Moreover, the sky’s the limit when you work with our Expert Team who can co-create tailored corporate team building activities for you. In fact, why not invite your employee’s family and expand the fun quotient too.


Acknowledging our team’s effort and ability was Mr. Milind Purandare (National Sales Manager – Girnar) who said:


“We admire your team’s ability to manage such a large crowd with discipline, co-ordination and friendliness. It is these traits that make your team handle so many group activities and still make them fun-filled. There is truly a lot to be learnt from your team work.”




Now let’s dive into the myriad of team building activities we have in-store for you. From ride based treasure hunts to building paper cup towers to tug of war to relays to playing one-minute games; WE DO IT ALL and more. Imagine treasure hunt with a twist. Run pillar to post but in our case one ride to other solving tricky clues as a team to build a stronger bonding. Or visualize in competing in a classic coordination driven game of tug of war or building a cup tower fastest under open sky. We leave no stone unturned to motivate your group, strengthen their bond to the T while having fun memorable moments.



Free tip - Bounce off your wackiest ideas to our team COZ wacky is what defines us!


Activities designed are a unique, modified version of traditional team building exercises attuned to our regularly offered FUNtastic attractions. Our Expert Host will guide you through a series of missions and all fun team building games as you laugh and play your way to an epic finale. Feeling inspired yet!




Team building activities will be part of your itinerary but why not make the most of your time with us. There’s a certain “attraction” in allowing your group to enjoy our theme or water park to the fullest.  Let your team loose and watch them go crazy on the Nitro, scream their lungs out on Scream Machine, challenge each other on Dare 2 Drop, or skyrocket to celestial galaxies on Deep Space and more. Our rides reignite the bonding between all but in the most fun way possible.



Mr. Milind Purandare (National Sales Manager – Girnar) added:


“Our guests also thoroughly enjoyed the activities at Imagicaa. The entire group loved the “I Love India” ride (a truly proud to be Indian experience!) Regardless of age, each of our guests had a joyous time.”



All the activities and running around to score a ride would definitely leave you famished. Reenergise by making a dash for our restaurants and beeline for the lip-smacking dishes that await you. Who knows you may outdo another team member to the dishes first!



Taking customisation a step further are our food inclusive or food and stay inclusive packages. That’s right – you can curate a specialised menu by choosing from eclectic ranges of global cuisines we serve or let our in-house experts guide you.


And if you are tempted and willing to experiment ‘out-of the box’ ideas, we can even line up a range of exciting food and beverage based activities as Team Building Activities.


Overall execution and management left a huge impression on Mr. Milind Purandare (National Sales Manager – Girnar) who appreciated it.


“All the arrangements were executed as per our requirements. Special mention for the arrangement at the Circus, Zeze Drink and Grill and the buffet.”



Worked Hard! Then ‘Party Harder’ and end the day on a high note with a musical sundowner party near Arrmada. Let your hair down and embrace the ‘Chill Vibes’.



Pair this with Novotel Imagicaa stay for your employees to enjoy some unwinding session together by the pool before retiring to the comfortable beds. Check out the next morning post enjoying a hearty breakfast with Imagicaa mascots. What better way to turn employee engagement activities into a company retreat.





Corporates; just go ahead and make the best decision you ever made and sign up with Imagicaa. We promise you will ‘Roll in Fun’ all day long with our offbeat corporate team building activities packed with fun adventures; leaving you motivated and entertained.

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