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Preventive measures for your safety:   1. Staff made aware of identifying guests with symptoms, and directing guests to medical centres for screening   2. Fully equipped with on ground medical facilities and medical professionals   3. Increased frequency of housekeeping and fumigation for enhanced disinfection   4. Daily sanitization/ deep cleaning of facilities to ensure germ free   5. Daily sanitization and deep cleaning of all customer touch points through the park   6. Temperature checks of employees as well as guests at entry carried out with non-invasive thermometer   7. Sanitizers available at Retail store and F&B restaurants for use   8. Imagicaa Recommends: Avoid travel in case you are suffering from fever and cough Read more

Imagicaa Is Temporarily Non-Operational

Imagicaa’s mission is to always ‘Deliver best in Class entertainment for Delightful Memories, in a Clean, Safe and Happy Environment’.

In wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and adhering by our mission statement and keeping the best interest, of all our guests and Imagicaa employees, at heart, we are exercising caution through temporary, non-operation of all our parks.

In case of any current or existing reservations/ticket booking, we are offering you the option of extending your ticket into an ‘Open Pass’ with a 1 year validity from your chosen date of visit.

We sincerely hope to resume park operations at the earliest to create awesomeness and amazement for you. The Open pass can also be availed by those planning to visit us in the future.

To know more, kindly call our customer care on 9136720178 / 9867250262 / 9167640810 / 7506506101 between 9:30am to 6:30pm (Monday to Friday) or email us on

Please be assured that we will address each and every one of your bookings/requests.

Remain in touch with all developments by downloading the Imagica App and also visit for regular updates.

We will continue to monitor the on-going situation, follow the guidance of local government and medical authorities to be fully compliant and act in accordance with their directive.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Let’s make the most of our Birthdays!

January 28, 2016 - by Imagicaa

Birthdays are always more special to you (except for maybe your mother). No matter how old we get, birthdays bring happy nostalgic memories of sandwiches, potato chips, balloons, birthday cake and PRESENTS. We all love gifts after all, especially when it’s a stranger giving it to you. A lot of organizations go out of their way to make your Birthday special, and we bring to you tips to make it a ‘Happier Birthday’.



The next time you have to fly for work on your Birthday; despair not. A lot of airlines these days offer free class upgrades based on their availability, a Birthday cake or may even throw in a surprise ‘Happy Birthday’ song for you by the Crew. Isn’t that embarrassing and fun at the same time?


FREE Entry at Imagicaa and Aquamagica

Free ticket to Imagicaa / Aquamagica
Free Imagicaa / Aquamagica ticket on Happier Birthdays

Your birthday celebration couldn’t be complete without your visit to Imagicaa. You can now get a FREE entry to celebrate your big day and enjoy all the exciting rides and attractions. And it’s not just limited to you, you can bring along as MANY friends and family members to celebrate with you, who will also get to save 15% on their entry tickets. All you have to do is carry a Govt. approved valid photo ID which confirms your birth date when you visit the park to avail your free ticket. Also, ensure that your visit date is within +/- 3 days from your actual birthday. Click here to know about how to book your Free Birthday ticket.


Hotel Chains:

If you are planning to go on a vacation this year to celebrate your birthday, then you could always try your luck at the hotel you’ve arranged for accommodation. A lot of the well-known hotel chains provide special services if the guest is celebrating their birthday during the stay. You could be surprised with a bottle of Champagne, a bouquet of flowers or a delicious cake waiting for you in your room. Some of them may also offer you some of their services including spas, food outlets or merchandise at a significant discount. To ensure your chances of getting a freebie, just have somebody from your family/friends ‘hint’ the hotel staff in advance.



All of us have heard of friends getting a free round of shots or a mouthwatering Red Velvet cake served complimentary while celebrating their Birthday at a restaurant. Various restaurants/cafes/pubs actually give you an incredible discount on your final meal or throw in dessert on the house. If you are lucky, you could also get a pint of Beer or a couple of shots, courtesy the good-natured Bartender.


Sign up for Newsletters

With the outburst of start-ups competing for the consumer’s attention, various service oriented companies give you special discount codes in your Birthday week. All you have to do is sign up for their Newsletters giving details of your birthday for them to keep track. However, make sure you sign up well in advance, because email subscriptions don’t always kick immediately.

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