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Children’s Day Delight at Imagicaa

Remember your countless adventures and moments of pure wonder from your childhood? It was a time when the world was a boundless realm of imagination, where a cardboard box could become a spaceship, and a simple treehouse was a fortress of dreams. As an adult, the best way to revisit those cherished memories and relive the magic of childhood is by coming to Imagicaa—India’s largest theme park. Young or old, we are waiting to welcome you to relive your childhood in our dream wonderland! So come and wanderlust in a never-ending Children’s Day activity filled with adventure, loads of sweet and savory delights and the magic of wonderland.




Turning Fantasy into Reality on Children’s Day


The best era can always come back if you’re still in touch with your inner child. Make your child’s dream come true this Children’s Day by gifting them a trip to their dream world. At Imagicaa, we have created a wonderland to bring a sense of enchantment and to bring back nostalgia for kids and those who are kids at heart! We invite you to celebrate with your family with our special Children’s Day offer. It’s time to be a child again with your kids and rekindle the emotions and excitement that made childhood the most precious era.


A Dreamland for Kids on Children’s Day If you’re stressed about finding the perfect Children’s Day activity, let us help you! Imagicaa has just the right thing for you! The young explorers can begin their adventure with Tubbby Takes Off – a special ride soaring high with gorgeous views of Sahyadri hills. Happy Wheels is another joyride where the little ones can learn to drive and Lochness Explorers, a water expedition is nothing less than nail-bitingly exciting. And for your cherished young explorers, there’s the enigmatic world of Salimgarh and the enchanting tale of Alibaba aur Chalis Chorr waiting to be discovered!


Enjoy Children’s Day at Water Park

The Water Park is a whole new realm of a children’s activity dreamland. For kids with infinite energy, there are extravagant rides at the Pirate Bay, a collection of mini slides with gentle speeds and slopes into shallower pools, water toys and playful characters all add up to a wet world of wonder for the little ones. Zooballoo is our best music band created by five fun wild animals. While the kids enjoy the water streams ejected by the elephant, the alligator, the baboon and the kangaroo, you could sit by on a bench and cool off from the adrenaline excitement of Imagicaa! The Kiddie Pond is another shallow wading pool filled with kid-size slides where the little tots can spiral down the slides.


Children’s Day Dream Come True –Awaken the kid spirit!

Attention adults – Awaken your inner child this Children’s Day as you dive into India’s wildest roller coasters! Strap in for a heart-pounding ride on Nitro, a simulated flying chair that guarantees pure exhilaration. If you’re up for complete disorientation, take a seat on The Scream Machine. For an interstellar adventure, soar into Deep Space, India’s first Dark Roller Coaster. But the thrills don’t end there on Children’s Day! Kid at heart Aquaphiles head to Imagicaa Water Park.We’ll take you from splash backs to flashbacks. Experience the rush of Swirl Whirl, a gigantic funnel slide or Yell-O, a slide that’ll have you screaming with joy as you zoom feet-first through a whirlwind of twists and turns at super-high speeds!




Parade and Memorable Meet & Greets

Wrap your Children’s day activity with the spectacular Imagicaa Parade, where your beloved characters come to life with their spectacular dances. Our special meet & greet sessions allow you to get up close and personal with your favorite characters. Whether it’s hugging a friendly mascot, shaking hands with a princess, or sharing a laugh with a mischievous cartoon character, these interactions create memories that will warm your heart for a lifetime. And the best part? You can capture these priceless moments in a photograph, ensuring that the magic of your Imagicaa Children’s day activity experience is forever preserved.


Happy Tuesday -Children’s Day Special!

Children’s Day 2023 is already happier as it coincides with steal -deal Happy Tuesday. So unleash the child in you and grab our fast-selling enticing Children’s Day Offer, Happy Tuesday regular ticket at just 999*. So, join us as we craft moment’s enchantment and nostalgia on Children’s Day. Come , immerse yourself in a day filled with wonder and laughter, where the ultimate theme park adventure awaits. Our thrilling rides will get your heart racing, just like they did when you were a child. The laughter of your little ones echoing through the park will warm your heart and remind you of the simple joys of youth.


It’s a day to celebrate the child in all of us, to relive cherished memories, and to make new ones that will fill your heart with warmth and happiness.

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