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Deep Space at Imagicaa Theme Park – India’s first indoor dark rollercoaster

If you are enchanted by planets, meteors, galaxies, and stars, you have to check out this rollercoaster ride at Imagicaa theme park! Deep Space is a one-of-its-kind dark rollercoaster at Imagicaa  theme park (located at Khopoli)that is all things space and will make you go crazy for it, especially if you love everything about space!


Let’s get you acquainted with Deep Space and why it is a rollercoaster you cannot afford to miss at Imagicaa!



Dark roller-coaster

You must have sat and watched various roller coasters in theme parks and marvelled at their giant heights, big drops, and the breakneck speed at which they run. But Deep Space is a different game altogether!  This indoor rollercoaster is completely dark, a first in India located at Imagicaa theme park, and makes you wonder what’s next in store. One look at the ride, and you are transported to a world of deep space.


Dome structure

The dark roller-coaster ride of Deep Space is constructed in a unique manner inside a massive dome at Imagicaa theme park, which is a sight to behold from a distance.


Best technology deployed rollercoaster

Deep Space uses a different technology called a Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) magnetic launch. This simply means it does not wait to gain momentum like other roller-coasters. Most roller coasters start slow and suddenly gain speed thereafter. In contrast, Deep Space gets you to a high speed in a matter of a few seconds right after launch, making it one of the prime theme parkindoor rollercoaster attractions in the world.



Find yourself thrusted into space

Just as the name suggests, once on board Deep Space, you will find yourself amongst galaxies and black holes zipping through various planets and meteors. You may find yourself pulled into a black hole since this indoor rollercoaster behaves akin to space gravitational pull! 


High Adrenaline

Moving at a high speed of 42 km per hour at the height of 57 feet, Deep Space is bound to give you a supreme adrenaline rush! You may forget time on this ride at Imagicaa theme park as you enter the amazing world of space.


Premium Dark Rollercoaster

The rides in Imagicaa theme park are designed keeping global standards in mind, and Deep Space is no exception, constructed using high-quality international standard materials and equipment.


United States based ride manufacturer was the first company to use Linear Induction Motors on their roller coasters. Of the 16 roller coasters built using this technology worldwide, one of them stands tall and proud near Pune at the Imagicaa theme park and is recalled as Deep Space – India’s only indoor, dark rollercoaster!


Full-Throttle Rollercoaster Design

The steel roller coaster ride is approximately 1,706 feet long and operates with two trains made of steel and fibre-glass. Each roller coaster train has two cars, and each can accommodate 12 people, which makes its maximum capacity 24 people per ride. 


Plan your next getaway to Imagicaa theme park and get on board Deep Space for a truly magical rollercoaster of emotions experience!

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