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Be a Part of Imagicaa’s Diwali 2023 celebration!

Diwali’s splendor lies not only in its visual spectacle but also in the deep sense of togetherness, hope, and the reaffirmation of cultural traditions that it brings to people’s lives. The festival of lights is an extravagant affair for all! So at Imagicaa, we create a new level of celebration with adrenaline-packed rides, special decor, delectable food and activities that bring you closer to your loved ones. Witness our theme park transform into a magical wonderland, radiating joy, adventure, and lifelong memories on Diwali 2023.


So make your Diwali 2023 an unforgettable event by trading the traditional Diwali celebrations for an enchanting experience at Imagicaa—India’s largest theme park and one of the best places to visit in Diwali. Escape the chaos and immerse yourself in a realm of adventure seamlessly blended with unique Diwali celebrations. Double the celebration quotient by enjoying both Theme and Water Park with an overnight stay at the luxurious deluxe property, Novotel Imagicaa.



Experience Diwali 2023 Adrenaline Rush!


The most awaited festival of 2023, Diwali deserves a special celebration! At Imagicaa, we create a whole new world for you and your loved ones, so let’s wander and find the light. Diwali 2023 at Imagicaa is not just celebrating the light, but also the journey from darkness to brightness. You can experience the exhilaration with Dare 2 Drop —a 132-foot free fall ride that will remind you of life’s ups and downs. The ‘I for India’ is a film on India from a bird-eye-view and offers panoramic views of the country akin to the festival’s illuminations. The little ones will find the Magical Carousel that whirls with the vibrancy of fireworks.


As the Diwali celebrations spirit fills the air; your excitement shall soar on a whole new level. Adventure seekers can step into a world of exhilaration and brave India’s fastest roller coaster, Nitro. Feel the wind rush through your hair and the adrenaline surge as you hurtle through twists and turns. But that’s not all, experience a heart-racing thrill with the Scream Machine. As you sway from one end to the other at full speed, your heart will race in harmony with the festival’s spirit of triumph over adversity. The excitement is so intense that it might even rival the joy of witnessing Diwali fireworks.



Diwali Celebrations-Full of Lights, Activities & Fun!

Come Diwali 2023, let the enchantment of Imagicaa kindle your spirits and create lasting memories of a day filled with joy, adventure, and the marvel of the festival of lights. Get together with family and friends for the biggest Diwali 2023 celebration and indulge in the beautifully fairy-light lit park, mouthwatering treats, extraordinary art workshops and the most magical night parade and more!


At Imagicaa, the adventure is not just about thrilling rides but about celebrating the exhilaration and joy of life, much like Diwali signifies the triumph of light over darkness. So be ready to get ‘lit’ with excitement and create unforgettable memories at one of the best places to visit in Diwali.


Enjoy Diwali Artistry at its Best

Celebrate the vivacious spirit of Diwali 2023 by immersing in an array of artistic pursuits at Imagicaa. At Imagicaa, we have carefully curated each workshop to contribute as a brushstroke to the canvas of your festive experience. Whether you’re inclined towards tattoo artistry, face painting, etc., each offers a unique canvas for self-expression. You can also learn so much from the unique pottery workshop on pottery. Much like the way we decorate our homes with rangoli and lamps during Diwali celebrations, these art forms allow you to imbibe the intricate patterns and symbols, reflecting the festival’s festive charm. You can lose yourself in the moment and take these moments with you as the joy is forever etched in your heart.



A Diwali Celebration Finale to Remember

Imagine a mesmerizing winter sunset painting the sky with warm hues as you wind down your day. Now, envision this picturesque scene transforming into the most enchanting conclusion to your Diwali celebrations at Imagicaa. Our goal is to make your Diwali 2023 nothing short of magical. That’s why we’ve thoughtfully crafted the captivating procession around the park during the Grand Imagicaa Night Parade and an exclusive new attraction – a Musical Fountain Show. A perfect ending like no other, right!


Fire-Crackers for Your Taste Buds:

Elevate your festive spirit to new heights with a gastronomy that will set off fireworks in your taste buds. Imagine a dining experience where the diversity and richness of Indian cuisine come together in a grand celebration of flavors. Savor the aromatic spices of North Indian curries, the tangy and spicy street food delights of the West, the delectable South Indian dishes bursting with flavors, and the mouthwatering sweets that embody the essence of the East.

From fragrant biryanis to crispy dosas, from buttery naans to succulent kebabs, our buffet is a vibrant mosaic of tastes that pays homage to India’s culinary heritage. Prepare for a culinary journey like no other for Diwali 2023 with our all-you-can-eat buffet, featuring an extensive spread of Indian delicacies and add spark to your Diwali celebrations.



Save with Imagicaa’s Special Deals

You can celebrate without splurging away!  Imagicaa brings you incredible savings of up to 25% when you take advantage of our Early Bird Offer and Multi-Park combo deals. Turn this into a staycation experience by delving into our tempting Novotel + Breakfast + Theme Park + Water Park Combo, available at an unbeatable price starting from just 11,999. You can also celebrate with us mid-week with special ticket rates of just 999 for Happy Tuesdays and 699 on Wat-a Wednesdays. So book right away and join us on this magical journey at one of the best places to visit in Diwali!


Most memorable Diwali celebrations awaits!

Mark your calendars as celebrating Diwali at Imagicaa is not just an experience, it’s a journey into a world of enchantment, adventure, and cherished memories. Be a part of this extraordinary celebration, where every instant gleams with the radiant joy and boundless wonder synonymous with the Festival of Lights.

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