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Diwali Vacation at Imagicaa

Bright and colourful lights, wondrous and mouth-watering treats, fun and frolic with loved ones! That time of the year which we await so eagerly; Diwali is on its way and aren’t we super-duper excited!



Even as schools declare the Diwali vacation and offices offer time off, there is an air of gaiety and celebration everywhere. It does not matter which city in India you are in because wherever you are, you will simply feel the festival of lights.



As you start thinking of the places to visit near Mumbai in Diwali, here is an off-beat option that promises to provide wholesome family fun and celebrations. Welcome to Imagicaa, one of the most unique and best places to visit in Diwali near Mumbai! Bring out the child in you as you physically drive down the expressway and mentally drive down the nostalgia highway!



Enter into entertainment galore

The Diwali vacation is an occasion for togetherness, mischief, celebration and fun! And all of that with family, friends and loved ones spent at best places to visit in Diwali makes it even more fun and special. Apart from the Theme park, Water Park and Snow Park, Imagicaa has also lined up an enviable array of events and activities to create a Dhamakedar Diwali Day, especially for you. That is what ranks it high among the best places to visit in Diwali near Pune.



Receive a rousing welcome in style by Tubbby, Bloo, Mogambo and friends in a flash mob that will not only light up your faces with smiles but also delight your hearts with sweetness. At 11:30, start warming up to match steps with a dance troupe that can add zest and energy to any day. Charged up, it is now time for an amazing, acrobatic and b-boyer performance, the likes of which you have probably never witnessed before, in Red Bonnet Rivalry! One can truly experience endless entertainment galore ranking Imagicaa as the best places to visit in Diwali near Mumbai.



Diwali ‘treats’ through the day

The sun may rise to its peak at noon but the fun only keeps rising when celebrating Diwali at Imagicaa! No wonder it is among the best places to visit in Diwali near Pune. Enjoy the sparkling performances of the amazing Bloo, Allie, Hippie and Roo Roo as you eat to your heart’s content at the Zeze Bar and Grill. As for the kiddos in your group, let them head over to Tubbby’s Secret Party to dine with all the stars and stalwarts of Imagicaa! But if the variety of delectable dosas at Roberto’s Food Court is what you prefer, you can enjoy the hiphop and street style acrobatics of Dhamaal Dance Off over there! Of course, if you sail on the Arrmada, your heart too will rumble to the rhythms of the open DJ which is truly a Diwali celebration like no other!



Travel down memory lane

Even as you enter Imagicaa, you will see roads that go right, go left or just straight ahead. Take any road and your family will agree that this is the best place to visit in Diwali. The vibrant decor and pulsating energy will simply thrill you.



Remember the Diwali roll cap guns that we would fire away? Celebrate this offbeat Diwali vacation with laser guns at Ali Baba Aur Chalis Chorr! Or better still, use the water guns aboard ships in Splash Ahoy. Remember the bumping ground chakras? Become one yourself in Imagicaa’s Bump It Boats. Remember the colourful lights running across the homes? Dive into a world of magical lights in the Prince of Dark Waters show. How about the final show every Diwali vacation when we would set ablaze whatever was left of the crackers? Watch the deities do the same in the Wrath of the Gods show!


It will be an immersive experience that people of all ages will find something to cherish about.



A spectacular evening beyond Imagination

Come the night, it’s time to light up the grounds, the skies and everything else in between. Imagicaa will do that for your special Diwali vacation outing and also bring on a carnival of epic proportions. Watch the spell-binding colours of the floats and witness the exhilarating energy of dancers supreme as the grand Imagicaa parade wends its way into the mesmerising Diwali evening, each one will experience. The amazing mascots and pulsating performers will simply take your breath away and create fireworks in your hearts! This is also the time to whip out your phones and start going “Lights, Camera, Action”. Well, maybe it should be “Lights, Action, Cameras”!


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Get your family and followers to go ‘whoo’ with selfies and videos of the extravagant parade. The destination is must-do or the best place of visit in Diwali only because the park comes alive with twinkling and glittering lights in the evening. Head over to the Magic Carousel for the most spectacular and breath-taking photographs that adds sprinkle of magic to your Diwali vacation.



Diwali at Imagicaa will definitely be more magical than you can ever imagine. Gather your gang, and get your itinerary together for Imagicaa.

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