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Enjoy The Grand Imagicaa Parade at the Best theme park in India

October 31, 2022 - by Imagicaa

If you are planning a one day trip near Pune or Mumbai, you simply cannot resist booking tickets to Imagicaa. This is because Imagicaa Theme Park offers some truly fascinating rides and attractions, including the visual spectacle called The Grand Imagicaa Parade, which is nothing short of a magical celebration.


If you are searching for “theme parks near me” and wondering what The Grand Imagicaa Parade offers, here’s everything you need to know to get ready for a whole lot of dance, colour, and laughter.


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Stars of Imagicaa - Friendly Characters to Uplift Your Mood

After a whole lot of crazy adventures, thrill and fun; get ready to discover some truly fantastic characters for a memorable wrap-up to your day at Imagicaa Theme Park. The Grand Imagicaa Parade kicks off every evening except on cloudy, overcast days. 


Witness a host of lovely characters fondly called the Stars of Imagicaa such as Tubbby, Bloo, Hippy, Roberto and Bow Wow to masqueraded dancers to fairy tale favourites – who show up and take over the theme park for a parade to remember. As they march down to thumping, upbeat music, and perform their acts, shake a leg, click selfies, or simply soak in everything they have to offer; either way, you are in for a real treat. 


Pro Tip: Head to Arrmada for a couple of minutes to get an up-close glimpse of your favourite characters. If you have young kids with you, simply perch them on your shoulders, and watch their smiles reach the eyes as they spot their most-loved characters in larger-than-life costumes only at Imagicaa Theme Park 


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Witness Carnival – A Spectacle of Colour

One of the first things that will strike you about The Grand Imagicaa Parade is the sheer show of colour and all things bright. Everything about the Parade is as colourful as it gets. From costumes to faces and decorations to props. So, get your best wide-angled cameras ready or go Live from Imagicaa to capture life-sized candies, glittering pom-poms, and parade floats in all their glory.


If a colourful backdrop is what you have been looking for all day to snap pictures with friends and family, it doesn’t get better than this! Give into your colourful side, and participate actively in the Parade for the best time you can have when it comes to a one day trip near Pune or Mumbai. What's even more fantastic is that The Grand Imagicaa Parade is accessible to Imagicaa water park guests too despite being held at theme park.

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Experience Extra-Ordinaire Never-Seen-Before Performances

What truly sets The Grand Imagicaa Parade apart in the country are its outstanding performances. Dare-devil acrobats, skilled jugglers, and high-on-energy dancers transform Imagicaa into a mesmerizing world that will leave you in awe and wonder.


Marvel at their moves and let the Parade's vibe at the best theme park in India take over your mind, body and soul. Groove along, clap in raptures, or just shake hands with the performers - either way, give into a magical time at the Imagicaa Parade as the grand finale to what would have been a truly thrilling and fun-filled day. 


If you are lucky, you might even witness the Moonlight Carnival, which is held preceding the Imagicaa Parade during summer or winter break. Stay back until late evening for the Parade in this case. After all, it is a truly grand and fascinating experience that appeals to all your senses, making it one of the best theme park in India.


Pro Tip: Put on a pair of comfortable shoes as you walk towards the Parade. This will ensure you tap into the mood of the evening without any discomfort and can attend it from start to finish, all the way past the Roberto Food Court.


We guarantee your search for theme parks near me ends with Imagicaa as there's no place like it! Go on and plan your extra-ordinary one day trip near Pune to Imagicaa Theme Park .

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