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Experience snow this winter season at Imagicaa Snow Park in Pune

The mere sight of snow can bring joy to the face and glitter to the eyes. If you dream of sinking your feet in the soft and cushiony pillows of snow, you have a chance to live your fantasy at the snow park in Pune near Lonavala. Take a break from the city heat and book yourself a staycation at Novotel Imagicaa Khopoli, located at a hop, skip, and jump from the Imagicaa snow park.


From indulging in interactive games to experiencing magical moments under real snowfall at -5 degrees Celsius, Imagicaa Snow Park is the best place to visit this winter season. 



Snow slides

Feel your adrenaline pumping as you slide down snow slides on mats. One of the best attractions in the Imagicaa snow park., the slides are a fun way to relive moments from your childhood with your little ones by your side. With temperatures dropping to -5 degrees Celsius, you will be provided with an appropriate snow jacket, gloves, and boots to keep you securely cosy. 



Snow basketball 

Have a blast in the snow at Imagicaa with snow basketball, and exhilarating slides. A game of ball with your mates as you jokingly crash little snowmen is a great way to live your winter wonderland fantasy on a winter weekend.


Toboggan rides 

If you’re a fan of action; adventure movies, you’ll love the thrill and excitement at Imagicaa snow park in Pune. You can manifest the moment of racing down steep slopes and curves as you cut corners in a fun and safe way. 



Real snowfall 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience snowfall in India, Imagicaa Snow Park will help you make innumerable bank of memories of prancing around like a child catching fresh, soft flakes. A mesmerising moment to steal a quick kiss with your loved one as you lose yourself in the magical moment, starry-eyed and in awe of the immersive snow view around you. 



A hot cuppa 

All the sliding and gliding are sure to work up a good appetite. Take a break to recharge with a cup of hot chocolate at the cafe in the snow park before setting foot to explore the breath-taking Swiss Chalets, Snow-Mountains Climbing base, and the groovy dance floor. 


To sum it up

Among the most sought-after snow parks near Mumbai, Imagicaa snow park. is the largest in India and has something for all ages. Whether it’s a family staycation with the children and elderly, or a romantic holiday to ignite a spark, Imagicaa Snow Park is a must-visit you need to check off your bucket list.

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