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First time at Imagicaa? Rides you must experience at this theme park near Pune!

Have you ever experienced a gush of thrill, magic, and non-stop entertainment altogether? If not, Imagicaa theme park is your ticket to experience it all! With a lot of rides and attractions for everyone to enjoy, Imagicaa is the place to be. However, if you are going to the theme park for the first time, it is important to get to know the amazing experience that awaits you. Here is a list of all the rides and attractions that will give you all the thrill and magic you can imagine! Read on!



Scream Machine

You guessed it right! All you do is scream with excitement on this ride! Do you love being challenged and feeling thrilled? If yes, the scream machine is the perfect ride for you at this theme park. This rotating pendulum ride will accelerate, rotate and swing you high up in the sky till you find yourself suspended in mid-air! You will scream with happiness and exhilaration on the scream machine ride, which is why this ride is a must if you love adventure. The ride is safe and tested as per international standards, as are all the rides, making Imagicaa one of the best theme parks in the world.



Splash Ahoy!
If you are a water baby and love soaking in adventure, Splash Ahoy! is designed especially for you. This pirate-themed water cannon ride, awakens the childhood pirate fantasy; giving guests an experience of harmless naval warfare. Within seconds you squirt your chosen target or random guests all in the name of good fun. Splash Ahoy! and all the fun it offers will leave you wanting more!



I for India

You can’t take India out of an Indian, and Imagicaa theme park has designed a ride keeping that in mind! Experience the true beauty of India as you fly over the country’s beautiful landscapes right from the north-tip to the south-tip. Buckle up and soar like a bird in the sky as a 90 feet wide screen displays a spectacular film covering a gorgeous view of our beautiful country. A ride like no other, I for India should definitely be on your list when you visit this theme park near Pune.



Rajasaurus River Adventure

Have you encountered dinosaurs? Guess not! But this Lonavala theme park gives you an experience up, close and personal with the adventurous Rajasaurus dinosaur through this exhilarating ride! Imagine dark tunnels packed with water and wild, ferocious dinosaurs around you. Full of sudden twists and turns, this ride ends with a deep plunge into the river! Get ready to soak in some water in this magical world of dinosaurs which gives a sneak peek into their life.



Grand Imagicaa Parade

Imagicaa theme park offers power-packed entertainment throughout the day through the various shows and performances by some unique talents from across the country. From b-boying, a popular dance form, to mind-blowing hip-hop performances, from visually astounding treats such as acrobats to surreal magic shows, there is something for everyone! Besides this, there is a grand parade every evening where you can witness a beautiful spectacle as your favourite stars from Imagicaa parade down the streets of Imagicaa in style!



To sum it up

Being one of the best theme parks in the world, Imagicaa offers amazing rides and attractions, making it a must-visit. You may be wondering how to reach Imagicaa, the land of dreams?! Imagicaa is located within Khopoli, a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Mumbai and a two-hour drive from Pune. Come with your friends and family and dive into this magical experience called Imagicaa theme park!

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