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Food Bloggers Binge at Imagicaa

Imagicaa is so much more than a collection of heart-thumping roller coasters, amazing themed attractions with animatronics, special effects, and entertaining live performances. We’ve also got some great food on offer at our 5 restaurants, featuring cuisine from all over India and the world.

We recently partnered with Seatrr, a food discovery platform that highlights the best a restaurant has to offer, and invited a select few food bloggers to come experience Imagicaa. In between visits to Nitro and Salimgarh, the group had a chance to satiate their taste buds at Robertos, Red Bonnet Diner, ZeZe, Arrmada, and Imagicaa Capital.

Here’s a few excerpts from their reviews:


Foodies of India


We stopped for lunch at the ZeZe Grill & Red Bonnet for quick bites but it turned out to be a lavish feast! While ZeZe is primarily grill based with a touch of African specialties available; Red Bonnet is a quick fast food place for burgers, wraps, shakes and fries. The Veg Biryani at ZeZe is out of the world and we wouldn’t mind going back for some. However, the Red Bonnet has delicious aloo patty burger, smiley and the strawberry shake there is not to be missed!


Imagicaa Imagicaais a place where you can head to with friends and family for a day long picnic/day out that has some great rides, food and also places to unwind after a long day. Don’t miss out on the parade here that happens around 6 pm everyday and special parades on special occasions, as the crew puts in a lot of effort in the parade which is clearly visible in the output. We had a great time at Imagicaa and hope we have convinced you to plan that reunion with cousins/friends to the nearest amusement park!


Grubzone – A Gourmet Voyage – by Rishabh “The Captian” Mittal


The place was a perfect emulation of the quintessential 70’s American diner. The Muscle Cars with red bonnets outside and inside the establishment also reminded one of the that. The place was much better than a McDonald or a Burger King. Both in ambiance and grub. As a brand it could seriously work outside the park too. I would pick Red Bonnet over a Macd any day.


I found that it was one of the most beautiful cafes that I had ever been too. This ship shaped cafe had three decks and served all kinds of grub. I grabbed a few slices of the pizzas, shawarmas and cupcakes.


Monish Chandan


The fun was endless while we were running from one ride to another. The scariest of all was Scream machine. At one point I thought I will fell down (Thanks to the power belt, I am alive! ) Lastly we were pleased to see the grand Imagicaa Parade where all the fictional characters came out dancing and waving to everyone from famous mickey mouse, Cinderella, Tubby, Roberto, Rajasaurus, and Mogambo etc. It was a scintillating experience to witness my childhood heroes. There were extra ordinary performers too.I could see the magic and charm in their eyes. It was a visual treat for everyone.


It was an amazing adventure ride. One of the best memories of 2015


We’d love to hear about your wonderful experiences at Imagicaa – whether gastronomic or otherwise.
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