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All things snow! Indulgent fun activities at Imagicaa Snow Park

Everything is a lot more beautiful when it snows. What if we told you there was a way to enjoy some snow fun activities right here in the heart of coastal Maharashtra! You heard that right. The Imagica snow park  offers the opportunity to feel -5°C weather with 100% pure and real snow in Khopoli near Mumbai and Pune.


Here is a list of all the fun team activities you can do here:


1. Experience real snow 

Wondering what it is like to slide down a snow mountain? You can enjoy the memorable experience of going down a snowy slope and get your adrenaline flowing as Imagica Snow Park uses real snow Feel pure snowflakes touch your face and crumble under your feet. Make a ball and get into friendly snowball fight with friends and family. It does not get more real than this in Maharashtra!




2. Race down the slopes and curves on the Toboggans

Toboggans are traditional sledges used in Canada for transportation. It is a small yet functional vehicle that locals use in areas covered with heavy snow. You can sit on a Toboggan at the snow park and enjoy several fun activities like racing down with your friends, clicking lots of pictures, swooshing past the curves, and more.


3. Get grooving on the snow dance floor

No DJ party can offer you the same level of excitement and entertainment as a snow filled dance floor. You can swing to your favourite tunes in your snow attire for a good 20 minutes. ‘Groovy Chilling’ gets a whole new meaning here! Show off your ‘cool’ moves in the ‘coolest’ place possible.




4. Snow hike

Love hiking and the thrill that comes with it? Try hiking in the snow. This is one of the most fun team activities to try at the snow park. You can challenge your friends to a hike or simply do it alone. The view from the top is sure to leave you awestruck.


5. Snow mountain climbing or Play snow basketball

Adventure activity in Imagica Snow Park near Mumbai and Pune – mountain climbing in the snow is nothing like you have experienced before. This is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who like to work up a good burn while enjoying serene views. Playing basketball is an equally fun team activities for your friends and family in snow too. 


6. Treat yourself to some hot cocoa

Snow and hot cocoa go hand in hand. After a ‘chill’ day at the snow park, a hot chocolate drink is just what you need to warm your heart. The snowy village has a lot to offer, with a quaint little cafe serving sumptuous food items and beverages.


To sum it up 

Besides these fun activities, you can take lots of pictures against the castle as it provides a spectacular snow park backdrop, like a scene from a fairy tale.


The Imagica Snow park  can be a great place to explore for people of all ages. It is filled with merriment, adventure, awe, and real snow! Book your tickets today to visit.

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