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Fun Stories For Kids, Video Storytelling ft. Tubbby, Roberto & Bow Wow

May 14, 2020 - by Imagicaa

Imagicaa-Toiing’s Quarantivities (Quarantine Activities) present a moral learning video storytelling session for your kids
Be it kids or adults, we all love listening to any type of stories. But the old age children stories, fairy tales, fables, etc. does not do the trick of charming the young minds anymore. It’s true! Repeating the same old moral stories for kids does get a tad bit boring after a point. And in this lockdown, parents will be testifying to this fact more than ever.
Biggest predicament for parents currently is running out of ideas and creativity to craft fun stories for your kids!
Well, Imagicaa- Toiing’s QUARANTIVITIES is here to rescue you from your dilemma.

The two kid’s friendly brands have ideated a unique video storytelling session that involves fun stories for kids. While defeating kid’s boredom issue is one objective, the other is to develop their cognitive skills and stimulate their curiosity and imagination.
Making this 30 minute bewitching, virtual storytelling session possible is Amla Agrawal, an energetic anchor with charming personality. Interacting and keeping kids engaged is no new feat for Amla who has hosted several of Imagicaa’s BTL Activations centred for kids at malls, schools and colleges. We guarantee her expressive style and infectious enthusiasm is sure to leave your children mesmerized.
With this spellbinding kids stories session, Amla promises to take your kids and you on a magical journey featuring friendly, relatable animal characters like Tubbby –the elephant, Roberto –the lion, and Bow Wow – the detective pug.
We promise that your children will walk-away at the end of this session with their morale boosted and the motivation to always chase their dreams and never give up.
As for you parents, it will teach you how to creatively channel you inner story teller the next time your kids ask for a bedtime story.

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