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Great Indian Wedding – A Carnival of Fun, Frolic and Food

Every Magical Wedding Needs A Fantasy Venue

As the big day to celebrate the beginning of your commitment of unconditional love towards your special one draws near, it is time to start planning for the rituals, the attire, the food, and the guest list. And if you are in search of amazing and magical wedding destinations near Mumbai, congratulations; your search ends at Imagicaa!



You read it right! Among all the wedding venues in Mumbai, the standout winner in terms of uniqueness and the potential for fun, frolic, and food is India’s top themed entertainment destination – Imagicaa, spread across 300 acres with the best-in-class accommodation facilities and services. To be specific, the area has over 5000 sq. ft. of indoor banquet space, 5000 sqft of open-air area, and 24,000 sq. ft. of terrace area to host special functions under the sky! After all, this ‘once in a lifetime’ event should be the most memorable for everyone!



The Great Indian Wedding Carnival At The Best Wedding Destinations in Mumbai

Let’s start from the very beginning – the pre-wedding photoshoot. Capture your courtship romance from Imagicaa’s exotic yet accessible locations across its magical parks. Now, imagine the baraat, the celebratory wedding procession, with live music and dance being punctuated with a flash mob of superstars in the Grand Imagicaa Parade!  It would be acrobats, B-boyers, hip hop dancers, stiltmen, magicians and other talent from across the country celebrating the arrival of the bride and the groom. We bet you will find no other venue for weddings in Mumbai like this one!



When it comes to the space for the actual ceremonies, your breath will be taken away! Choose across a range of themes from Fairytale to Bollywood, Fun to Casual, and from a plethora of venues that include Grande Lagoon, Imagicaa Capital, the pirate-ship Armada, the Zeze Grill, the Deep Space Valley, and the Wave Pool. Imagine Aqua Sangeet and macho bachelor parties by the poolside that’ll make it unforgettable for all. The in-house DJ will get your guests’ feet swaying and hips grooving to the lilting rhythms of your favorite songs, making it the best event at the best venue for weddings in Mumbai.



Here is a special suggestion. To break the ice and get the special two comfortable with each other, there is a tradition of the bride and the groom playing games as everyone cheers on. What could be a better game than a ride in India’s fastest and longest roller coasters post the wedding! Or even better yet you could have a special post-wedding photoshoot, maybe with the entire family as well! We promise that it will be the most out-of-the-box photoshoot done for a destination wedding near Mumbai ever!



Menus Galore

No Indian wedding is complete without sumptuous dishes. As they say, the best way into your guests’ hearts is through their stomachs! The curators will set up the most charming tables with lighting as you pick and choose your menu from American, North Indian, South Indian, Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Bengali, Mughlai, Italian, Mexican, Continental, Lebanese, Spanish, Greek, and African fares that include entrees, main courses, and desserts. Pure vegetarian and Jain options are also available aplenty. Your menu will be personally and delicately crafted by gourmet chefs. Remember to try the signature cocktails whipped up by the flair bartenders. The food is another aspect that makes Imagicaa the top among the best wedding destinations near Mumbai.



Luxurious Stay

Don’t hesitate to invite even the fifth cousin of your third sister-in-law! With 260 Superior Rooms, 20 Premier Rooms, 5 Suites and a Grand Presidential Suite, Imagicaa’s very own one-of-a-kind luxury hotel, Novotel can accommodate every guest in themed decor.


You can reserve all the energy and excitement for the wedding while relaxing and rejuvenating at the hotel. With a spa present on the premises, the stay amidst the sylvan settings of the Sahyadris along with the 5-star pampering from the trained staff will make your marriage event truly memorable for every participant. In one word it will turn your wedding into a ‘SPA-RTY’.



With a beautiful ambience, tasty food, and an unforgettable décor, Imagicaa is the unique dream location for your destination wedding. The wedding packages are loaded with fun and are worth every penny spent. Contact Imagicaa for all the assistance you need for your destination wedding near Mumbai.

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