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Holler in a ‘Rollercoaster of Euphoria’ at Imagicaa

Whether traveling with children or you love’ magical feelings, there is a rollercoaster of possibilities to explore. But if you are specifically looking to inject excitement and buzz, winding rollercoasters and crazy thematic rides in theme and amusement parks are incredibly fun place to spend the day. For kids or adults, a Theme Park is truly the best form of escapism from the mundane. And the mention of thrilling rides is synonymous with Theme Parks. And why not! No fun without a bit of adventure, eh!


Buckle your seat-belt; you’re in for a thrill ride of a lifetime!

Your recipe for the perfect, diverse rollercoaster rides within India; begins and ends at Imagicaa which houses four in total. Confused? Basis design rollercoasters are sub-categorized and Imagicaa is home to 3 unique types.



Introducing first Nitro; our marquee ride that’s a floorless rollercoaster that means riders can swing their feet freely as there is no floor underneath them. Pretty self-explanatory and according to RCDB (rollercoaster database) also ranks top in speed, height, length, and inversions parameter in India. Proudly featured biggest roller-coaster in India is at Imagicaa. Exciting, ain’t it!



Next up we have India’s only indoor, dark rollercoaster; Deep Space taking you on a mesmerizing but wild adventurous ride through celestial space in complete darkness. Sound crazy, but it definitely should be on your ‘Not To Miss Ride’ checklist. Word of caution; this one is for all the adventure, thrill-seekers and not advisable for the faint-hearted. Add this to your list of must-do Thrill Rides.



Taking you back to the ‘Wild Wild West American Era’ is the thrill ride Gold Rush Express. This one is a fairly simple, enjoyable train rollercoaster comprising inter-connected cars; apt to ride with friends and family. The track has multiple ups and downs that bring’ along its fair share of thrill and exhilaration. Joining in this same category is Chhota Bheem –The Ride; hugely popular among kids and parents.



Experience a ‘Roller Coaster of Emotions’ on Thrill Rides

Now we all know someone who refuses to ride thrill rides only because it’s either too fast, too tall, or it goes upside down. Elements like large drops, twisted helices, and inversions all make the riders yelp and shout either in anxiety or excitement. This natural high is due to the endorphins released when the brain’s “fight-or-flight” response gets activated and their adrenaline pumps harder; giving the ride a scary perception for on-lookers. Worry not! We will help you ditch those fears as we want you to know that these massive electronic, steel beasts’ are designed to thrill guests.


Depending on your inner strength, you will experience a roller coaster of emotions. Your reaction determines whether you will get categorized as a screamer, crier, hand raiser, nervous-laugher, or even a silent rider.


Be it any of these crazy thrill ride, one thing is sure you will holler one way or another. But here’s a beneficial opportunity you did not see coming. Get on these rollercoasters and reconnect with loved ones in a new way. Aboard Nitro or Deep Space, hold your special person’s hands to comfort them or romantically clutch them and scream out an endless ‘Woohoooooo’. Break into laughter on Gold Rush Express or Chhota Bheem –The Ride and see your loved one smile in happiness. Feel the euphoria of emotions, yet!



That completes our list of the best thrilling rides and the mixed bag of emotions it brings. Need any more reasons why rollercoasters are just amazing and not to be feared. Then stop contemplating. Round up your kids, holler in ‘Rollercoaster of Euphoria’ as you hustle up for this perfect escapade with your family and friends. Do leave us with Your Share of Wonderful Memories in the comments below! Holler back later.

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