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Imagicaa joins C.R.Y’s battle against COVID-19 Coronavirus

Raises awareness about fundraiser campaign aimed at aiding underprivileged kids and frontline workers


As of today, the world is struggling to come to terms with the biggest pandemic it’s facing in the form of COVID-19 outbreak. As the infection spread, what no-one was able to foresee or predict is the colossal impact it would bring to the daily functioning of human life. Pharmaceutical and FMCG companies are grappling under the current pressure to meet the market demands. This has set-off panic buying with people overstocking their homes with essential as well as non-essential commodities; resulting in an imbalance with many left without basic food and medical supplies.


These are challenging times. It has however, instilled amongst individuals, organizations the ‘Sense of Helping One Another’. Several brands including India’s first Theme Park, Imagicaa are looking at various avenues in which they can contribute to the society at large. It was only natural therefore to associate with Child Rights and You (C.R.Y), a trusted partner, with whom Imagicaa has worked with over the past three years during Christmas to uplift the spirits of underprivileged kids.


For the longest time, C.R.Y has been working with the underprivileged section of the society, particularly kids, looking after and meeting their emotional, nutritional, hygienic and educational needs. But meeting the product demand-supply has become difficult for the lower-income groups with the current prevalent problem i.e. lack of essential goods on-shelf. This is not the only problem that persists today. There is also scarcity of vital medical supplies ranging from masks, sanitizers, personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies required by all frontline workers.


To overcome this nutritional and medical crisis, Imagicaa is supporting the fundraiser campaign organised by C.R.Y and devoted towards addressal and fulfilment of the below six specific needs –



  1. COVID-19 (Awareness generation, Prevention and Treatment)
    1. Educating the families regarding preventive measures, nearest testing facility
    2. Inform about government packages and schemes and ways to access them (THR/midday meals etc.)


  1. Provision Food/Nutrition Supplement Package
    1. To prevent the malnourishment among kids
    2. The dry rations package comprising cereal, dal, oil, sugar, soy chunks and peanuts i.e. sufficient for a month


  1. Provision Family Sanitary/Hygiene Kits
    1. To reduce exposure to unsanitary conditions in which these marginalised families and children live in
    2. Encourage hygiene practices by distributing soaps and sanitary napkins


  1. Protection Gear/Material – To protect on-ground/field healthcare workers from any infection by providing liquid soap and scarves as they will be in-contact with large numbers of beneficiaries and patients


  1. In-home Study Support to children – To  maintain educational continuity and prevent any gap in interest particularly Std. X and Std. XII students by supplementing with self-coaching worksheets


  1. Children’s Games and Recreation material – To engage and stimulate cognitive, memory, analytical skills of children through donated board games

Funds raised will be utilised towards the supply of all these requirements across the needy in India.


Imagicaa is leaving no stone unturned and is providing extensive support to this noble cause. In this regards, Imagicaa has sent emails/SMS to raise awareness and asking over 5 lakh of their customer base to come forward and support the campaign.


To know more about the fundraiser campaign, to support and make this joint noble endeavour a success, click

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