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Imagicaa Lockdown Updates – Let’s Talk Maintenance and Safety

Summer season in India is usually chalked out for travel and tourism operators. All efforts are directed towards welcoming tourists from all spheres. But right in the midst of prepping for the season this March, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the dynamics of all industries with maximum impact seen on the travel and tourism sector. The continuing spread of coronavirus in various parts of the country specifically the Maharashtra region, led to the lockdown extending beyond the stipulated time of mid-April. Currently, there lies wavering hope in regards to the opening dates of tourist spots.



The mood in the past 6 weeks has that been of contemplation. As an attraction operator, Imagicaa has used the time wisely. Keywords being, ‘Functionally Operative’. Right from taking steps to ensure the health and safety of any remaining on-ground staff to keeping the operations in good shape, we tell you how!


Park Maintenance and Restoration


This unprecedented downtime has an upside. Having the park free of guests has provided Imagicaa an opportunity to perform maintenance checks for all the rides and attractions that would otherwise be subjected to scheduled maintenance during regular park operation time. Keeping the ride operational at regular intervals has long term benefits i.e. prevent stagnation and corrosion. Restoration work including replacement of wear and tear ride parts, peeling of wall colour, surface alignment, etc. has also been undertaken. Apart from this, maintaining the beauty of the place is no ordinary feat. A small army of gardeners are carrying on with their duty of caring for the trees, plants that add to the visual appeal of the place.


Guest and Staff Safety Primal


While most of us have been staying indoors, being safe; a percentage of Imagicaa’s operational staff has been visiting the park regularly. As an organization, Imagicaa is committed towards the health and safety of staff members particularly those dedicated towards park maintenance standards under these dire circumstances. Precautionary measures outlined and implemented at the park way before the nationwide lockdown was initiated, still is in effect. Thermal screenings at entry points to probe for any COVID-19 related symptoms for staff members visiting is mandatory along with facemasks. Adherence to hand washing at regular intervals and implementation of sanitization protocols is being regulated. These practices will be continued even when the park re-opens along with other safety measures charted as per government and health regulatory bodies.


Operation Clean Sweep


The old adage ‘Cleanliness counts! Everywhere’ has gained prominence in current times. Imagicaa has deployed a section of its ground staff towards rigorous cleaning of the park premises and all elements within it. Reason being surfaces be it rides, tables, handrails, ride seats, or even our own hands can be source of contamination. For this very reason, sanitization at regular intervals via stronger disinfectants is being administered. Sanitizers for staff members have been made available for hand cleansing. Staff members are being encouraged to use them often. Cleaning is a standard operating procedure and an extension of the park maintenance aspect. This SOP with an added layer of sanitization measures has become extremely vital from health and safety perspective. As and when the park re-opens, this parameter will be focused on deeply because the safety parameter threshold has risen.


Let’s Not Forget Social Distancing


The term ‘Social Distancing’ originated as a result of the pandemic. A term that was unheard of, until now. But, the human behaviour at large has been modified because of it. Exercising caution, staff members currently reporting for operational work have been advised to reduce social interaction amongst one another. In order to reduce the possibility of transmission, they need to communicate with each other by keeping a 1.5 metre distance, prevent touching of surfaces etc. The hard truth is that ‘social distancing’ is here to stay. Continual practice of social distancing norms will be seen when the park re-opens, maybe in greater lengths than what it is today.


To summarise, COVID-19 has defined a ‘New Normal’ for us by challenging the human lifestyle in multiple ways and testing people’s ability for adaptation. As the world including Imagicaa is slowly embracing this change, a period of uncertainty looms on when this unparalleled source of entertainment destination will reopen.


Along with this uncertainty, several questions linger too. Questions pertaining to guest safety such as – Will the parks be safe post reopening? What measures are being taken to ensure guest safety? What additional changes can guests expect? What new regulations will be in place? Well, stay tuned as we bring more detailed updates on Imagicaa’s re-opening measures.


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