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Imagicaa – The Best place for your post-wedding photoshoot near Mumbai and Pune

April 2, 2021 - by Imagicaa

Marriage is a journey of being together through all thick and thins. It is an eternity of love and merry sunshine. However, the secret to a good marriage is the chemistry, loads of love, playful fights and a whole lot of memories that you create together. Even more essential to find ways and spend quality time together; in the early days of marriage.    

post-wedding photoshoot, let’s you infuse love and togetherness in one frame also allows you to explore, understand and unveil a lot of things about each other. A pre-wedding photoshoot is a fabric of love and attraction, whereas a post-wedding photoshoot is a mirror of understanding and trust in each other. It does not mean the post-wedding photoshoot should be formal or old school.


Post-wedding photoshoot ideas can be adventurous, exciting and induced with fun.

Imagicaa, India’s only Theme Park near Mumbai and Pune, is an ideal photoshoot venue that fits this description for married couples wanting to infuse magic in their life-story.   Did we hear you wish for a photo-shoot that spells - unique, adventurous, and fun that depicts your love story and will make your post-wedding photoshoot memorable! At Imagicaa, we offer you beautiful backdrops of your dreams in one place. We have all the glitter and glamour you need for your album of love. So, let’s explore and decode some of the best locations at Imagicaa, where post-marriage photoshoots set your mood right after all the wedding shenanigans.


Theme Park: Post-wedding photoshoots are a way of celebrating memories. Let’s begin with locations within the theme park, where you can capture love-filled moments together.

  • Imagicaa Capital Castle: Imagicaa Capital Castle is a dream destination for a fairytale photoshoot. It gives you that charm of being a prince and a princess for your romantic photoshoot with Capital Castle in the backdrop and under a blanket of twinkling stars. A dreamy romantic photoshoot near Imagicaa Capital Castle is another way of showing a bond of love and togetherness forever!
  • Gold Rush Express: This is one of the most exciting roller coasters that give you the old-world charm of American West. You can shoot your love story like American Cowboy movies. From the ravines and the ranch ground of cowboys to the parlours and the saloons of the pistol-wielding outlaws and sheriffs, all available at Gold Rush Express gives a suitable backdrop for your photo shoot. This ripping roller coaster ride will take you through the tunnels and abandoned gold mines. So, if you want to go on an adventurous journey with your partner, then a vibrant photoshoot here will make your post-wedding photoshoot a lifetime experience. Just like Gold Rush express, cherish the up and downs of married life on the rollercoaster of emotions together.
  • Arrmada & Grande Lagoon: Arrmada is a spectacular and elegant location, decked up as a Pirate ship-based restaurant barLocated near the Grande lagoon featuring floating lotuses, Arrmada provides you with breath-taking views and a Spanish ambience and dining option. Hence, a pinch of romance on your post-wedding photo shoot and a dinner date here and there will always keep the spark of romance alive.

Water Park: Our water park screams happy, and that is how your post-wedding pictures will also be; that has locations like Ammos Restaurant, Pirate Bay Promenade, and Floatsa, giving you picture-perfect background goals for your post-wedding photoshoot.

  • Ammos Restaurant: Our happening food court, Ammos at Imagicaa, street-style dining serves you the North Indian, Mexican, Oriental, Pan-Asian, or Mumbai street-style cuisines. Inspired by Greek Taverns, a photoshoot here should not be missed especially for all the foodie couples but more importantly to explore and better understand each other’s, likes and dislikes.
  • Pirate Bay Promenade: The Pirate Bay slides have inner-tube slides that slope down into the shallow pools. It is colourful and vibrant with lots of mini slides and water toys to give you a fun luxurious resort feel. Get your pictures clicked here and add more colour, vibrancy and excitement to your post-wedding photoshoot.
  • Floatsa: After so much fun and thrill, if you want to relax and float down the lazy river, then Floatsa is the best option. Similar to life journey that a couple embarks on with ebbs and low; one needs to go with the flow.  A super-relaxed post-wedding photoshoot at ‘Floatsa’ is just that – taking life one at a time. It’s all about taking the journey slow and enjoying all these precious in between moments together as one.

Snow Park: Diving into married life as one and experiencing the craziness that life brings along is what makes Imagicaa Snow Park, the most apt place to make your dream post-wedding photoshoot fantasies come alive. Experiencing magical snowfall together, being each other support system while climbing Snow Mountains or indulging in a friendly snowball fight is what life is all about as a married couple. Sliding on your snow boots, groove to pulsating dance numbers at chilling sub-zero temperature that will bring you closer than ever before. Alternatively race down the slopes on toboggans and smile. . Snow Park literally teaches you to ‘Live life to the fullest’ but with crazy moments that make it all worthwhile.


There is always something special about taking a day off to get some great pictures at our magical dreamland. The kind of unspoken love, excitement, and joy captured during the post-wedding photoshoot is unmatched. So, book your dates for your post-wedding photoshoot now.

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