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Imagicaa – The Dream Wedding Destination near Mumbai

September 14, 2022 - by Imagicaa

As we traverse along different paths in life, there comes a time when two paths meet and become one; when a seemingly ordinary life transforms into a magical fairy-tale. From looking into each other’s eyes to looking together in the same direction, marriage, metamorphoses from a solo journey into a fulfilling partnership. As you are ready to script your own ‘once upon a time’, here is one of the fantastic fantasy-laced wedding destinations near Mumbai for that beginning, which will make everyone reminisce of the ‘happily ever after’ for years to come. Allow us to introduce you to Imagicaa, a magical wedding venue in Mumbai!



Perfect Destination Wedding Near Mumbai

When you first think of Imagicaa with its ​​multiple themed experiences, thrilling rides and shows, innovative and special attractions, unique characters and restaurants, you probably will not think of it as a destination wedding near Mumbai. This is precisely the reason why it is a perfect spot for wedding destination near Mumbai! That and the extent to which the professionals at Imagicaa put in efforts to make your wedding unique, personalised and memorable. You will be amazed to know that Imagicaa has successfully hosted the most unforgettable private weddings for a close-knit 50 people to a massive 2500 crowd too! Here are some ideas to get you excited about the best wedding destination near Mumbai.



Destination Wedding near Mumbai for the Best Bachelor Parties

Kick start the wedding celebrations through a liberal dose of fun with your best buddies for the much-awaited bachelor and bachelorette parties. Imagicaa offers you the most magical themes and spaces for these bashes making it one of the unique wedding venues in Mumbai.



How about the archaic and adventurous Arrmada, the pirate-ship styled bar and restaurant, for the macho bachelor bash? As you walk along its rustic-looking decks made in wood with the placid blue pond by its side, you can enjoy breath-taking views of the entire theme park with your friends. The Arrmada has a generous hosting capacity of ~200. This magnificent venue offers a vast food and cocktail menu to ensure your bachelor bash is memorable to the T.



And for your fun bachelorette bash, may we present a trendy beach-themed pool party by the Wave Pool? Crank up the heat, let yourself loose and ride the ‘highs’ with waves that never end in this Greek Mykonos-styled ambience. It will be the most amazing ‘water adventure’ experience with your besties.



Themed Pre-wedding Ceremonies at this destination wedding near Mumbai

Let the engagement begin at this wonderful wedding venue in Mumbai! And let it begin amidst the golden domes, symbolic of native Arabia. Filled with beauty and romance the fairy-tales that engaged us as children will return to get us engaged as adults! Needless to say, the photographs and videos from the Arabian Nights theme will engage everyone who will view those even years later!



Make the Sangeet ceremony unique, innovative and unforgettable with a Bollywood Theme drawing inspiration from Mr. India – The Ride. Have the legendary Anil Kapoor and Sridevi mascots participate in the ceremony as you take a ride down memory lane and relive Bollywood classics. Enjoy every musical notes as your wedding troupe and you match steps to the beats and create the most immersive dance cum musical experience of your life-time! Who would have thought a wedding destination near Mumbai would offer so many fun themes one location.



Give the Mehendi ceremony the style and grandeur that it deserves at Imagicaa Capital. The splendid pillarless hall is spacious and glorious with the capacity ranging from 50-200. As is the case with any venue in Imagicaa, you can tailor-make the services, decor and just about anything here with the courteous, extremely helpful and professional staff.



Experience The Splendour of (I)Magicaal Wedding

The most spectacular spot at Imagicaa to host the grand wedding festivities is the open arena right near the Grande Lagoon! With a capacity to easily accommodate up to 1500 guests, this elegant venue has a bewitching ambiance that’s sure to leave everyone mesmerised. Enjoy a near 360 degree view of the park along with a white stucco outdoor area beside a large, natural lagoon brimming with multi-coloured floating lotuses. The staff at this destination wedding near Mumbai will redefine hospitality taking it to new heights, whether the wedding is by day or night!


Speaking of nightly weddings, the Deep Space Valley is another phenomenal place under the skies for weddings up to 1000 guests. This exquisitely nature-filled locale has lush trees and impeccably manicured lawns that will thrill and thrall everyone with delight. As always the food and decor will be accentuating your personal tastes and the wedding will be one that is memorable - for everyone attending this wedding venue in Mumbai!



Imagicaa the Seamless And Special wedding venue in Mumbai for You!

Whether you like your wedding to be intimate or grand, traditional or exotic, tasteful or marquee, Imagicaa is your go-to wedding destinations near Mumbai that is geared up to fulfil all your needs and wants. Imagicaa believes in creating magic for every wedding. Be it the pre-wedding shoots at exotic locations, luxurious accommodation facilities, personalised themes or mouth-watering delicacies, the personnel here will bend backwards to make your ultimate dreams come true. And the best thing is that this magic is not restricted to the high and mighty alone. You will be amazed at the budget-friendly nature of the Imagicaa fairy-tale weddings and this is what makes it one of the top rated wedding destinations near Mumbai.

Contact Imagicaa and get ready to have your breath taken away with the magic of the best wedding venues in Mumbai!

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