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Explore India’s many firsts at the Imagicaa theme park!

Imagicaa theme park has raised the bar when it comes to entertainment in our country. It is one of the hottest amusement parks in India due to many reasons! Right from thrilling rides and exciting attractions to entertainment activities and lip-smacking food options, Imagicaa has truly surpassed everyone’s expectations.


In fact, Imagicaa has been a pioneer in serving many of India’s first entertainment attractions in a thematic format. Let’s explore ‘India’s many firsts’ that you will find only at the Imagicaa theme park!



India’s largest roller-coaster – Nitro

Why is this India’s largest roller coaster? Well, standing tall at 132 feet with a track length of over 2800 feet, you will feel an adrenaline rush atop this ride! With over five inversions and loops, you will be thrilled to experience this groundless roller coaster, a one of its kind in India. You cannot miss this ride if you are in the mood for adventure and thrill!


A visual tour of India – I for India

Our country is beautiful. From the northern peaks of the Himalayas to the southernmost tip of Kanyakumari and everything in between, everyone must explore the diversity of India. Imagicaa brings to you exactly that, a visual tour of India from the point of view of a helicopter! Strap in your seatbelts and get ready to experience India in a short film on a 90 feet-wide screen. Get ready to fly high on this amazing virtual ride at the best theme park in India!



India’s first high-speed indoor roller coaster

Have you ever heard of an indoor roller coaster with dark twists and turns? That’s right! Deep Space is India’s first dark roller coaster that gives you an out-of-this-world experience of outer space. Built inside a massive dome, it is one thrilling ride full of cosmic adventure. Come and experience this adventurous ride at Imagicaa Adventure Park in India!


India’s only Bollywood-themed simulator ride – Mr India

Your favourite Bollywood characters are reinvented on Mr India. Get ready to experience Mogambo, Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Calender, and more on this amazing ride based on immersive motion simulation technology! You sit tight in your car as you go through every bump and dip of this adventurous journey as the movie plays on the screen. Introduced for the first time in India at Imagicaa theme park, get on this ride to see good overcome evil.



India’s longest flume ride – Rajasaurus

Rajasaurus is Imagicaa’s very own ferocious dinosaur who is always on the lookout for his next meal! One of the most adventurous Imagicaa theme park rides, the Rajasaurus river adventure takes you on a water boat into the dangerous world of dinosaurs. You will experience a rush as you escape just in time from the clutches of Rajasaurus, who preys on tourists! Get soaked in water on this boat adventure and have fun with your family and friends!


In conclusion

Imagicaa theme park  is loaded with super fun rides and activities for all age groups. It has brought beautiful thematic forms of entertainment to India while keeping world-class standards at the forefront. Come and experience the best theme park in India, near Mumbai, Pune, and Lonavla!

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