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Plan your Destination Wedding at Imagicaa inspired by these popular movies

‘Badtameez Dil’ is forever etched in our memories not just for its peppy music and dance moves; but also for showing us what a fantastic ambiance a sangeet night can have! Many weddings across the globe have recreated this spark. Movies have time and again nudged the couples to stretch their imagination. There are a plethora of destination wedding ideas to pick from both Hollywood and Bollywood. To make life simpler, we have hand-picked five popular movies that can give you juicy ideas to design your dream wedding:


Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani:

The palace shown in this movie is one of the most loved destination wedding venues when it comes to having an opulent yet elegant ambiance. The spacious grounds matched with a somber color theme made every ceremony showcased in the movie look picture perfect! What we especially loved is the optimal usage of outdoor space for various events such as the open-air sangeet decked with yellow and orange to auspicious pheras held amongst the magnificent drapes under the night sky. The Arabian Nights theme wedding at Imagicaa held at the magnificent backdrop of Ali Baba and Chalis Chorr ideal venue to bring alive the wedding vibe of Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani.  Infused with opulence and class it is perfect for a wedding under the night sky.


2 States:

Unlike most Bollywood movies that encompass lavish sets and loud décor, 2 States portrayed the warmth of a traditional wedding. Held in an aesthetically pleasing, ancient-looking temple with simple décor of flowers and use of minimalistic jewelry, this movie is unique in itself. We loved the ease with which the elegance and love are manifested here in the traditional setting while not missing out on the essence of two different cultures. A wedding is incomplete without a delicious buffet! Just like this movie wiped clean the difference of cultures for love, our multi-cuisine restaurants offer delectable global cuisine ranging from continental to Italian to Indian, that’s sure to bring everyone together.


Destination Wedding:

We have a confession to make. Our team loves Keanu Reeves. Period. Held in the vineyards of Paso Robles and intertwined with outings to the winery, this movie has a lot to take away from with regards to keeping the guests busy via activities. The countryside setting tucked away in nature’s tranquility has its soothing effect on everyone. In such a setup you why would you stress over the décor! One of the key highlights of having such a countryside destination wedding is being able to see and appreciate the star-studded night sky. You don’t have to travel far and wide for this experience. At Imagicaa, you can enjoy this spectacular view at Deep Space Valley. Exchanging vows under the shimmering sky is simply like heaven on earth!


27 Dresses:

This movie is like a Bible for the brides. How often we have got theme references from 27 dresses when we have brides visiting us at Imagicaa, a premium destination wedding venue in Lonavala! From exchanging rings underwater to cowboy wedding to donning Japanese kimonos to dressing up as a mermaid, this movie presents a range of exciting themes and elements. Our favorite? It’s tough to choose, but we can definitely help you find the one that fits yours. While getting married underwater may not be something on offer at Imagicaa, we can definitely help you organize a rocking poolside wedding by the wave pool at Imagicaa Water Park.


Mere Brother Ki Dulhan:

Never has there been such an innocent love story full of all the flavors! While the wedding never really takes place as imagined, the dresses worn by Katrina were loved by all. We especially enjoyed the flower setting across the property; it adds such freshness and festivity! A bachelor or bachelorette party is one of the key highlights in this movie where all the stars let their hair down one last time before the wedding! Every bride and groom deserves this night and the Spanish setting at Arrmada is the perfect destination to have one! Sip your favorite drink overlooking the Grand Lagoon as you dance through the night.

Apart from being an absolute romantic heart and immensely creative in our minds; we love the movies as much as you do. Hence, we are always up to re-creating your theme choice by drawing inspiration from wedding movies, and further customizing it as per your preferences. So if you are looking to hold a destination wedding near Pune or scouting a destination wedding venue in Lonavala then come to Imagicaa and together let’s explore the best theme for your wedding.

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