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Experience an underwater musical love story at Imagicaa Theme Park near Pune

December 2, 2022 - by Imagicaa

If you haven't explored the world thriving in the deep blue waters of the ocean, it's time to visit Imagicaa theme park near Pune and live your dream. And not just the underwater world, you also get to enjoy adrenaline-pumping rides, immersive shows, lip-smacking food, and access to a luxurious resort – Novotel Imagicaa located at arm's length from the park.


Prince of the dark waters


About Cinema 360 - Prince of the Dark Water, an indoor ride


Hidden within a dome at the Imagicaa theme park near Pune is a whole new world that comes to life in the most intriguing way possible. A meticulously designed theme attraction, the Cinema 360 - Prince of the Dark Water, is an indoor immersive visual storytelling show that will leave you star-struck. 


If you loved the little mermaid fairy-tale as a child, this indoor attraction would have you relive the experience at the park. Packed within a 360-degree dome lined with 6 individual Christie projectors, the storytelling experience matches international audio and visual standards. 


Eye-popping graphic Theme park indoor attraction 

Based on a fictional love story with the iconic backdrop of dark ocean waters, Cinema 360 will take you through the lives of the merfolk. Watch the chronicles of the Dark Prince as you relive his curse and love story; and the dark waters featuring Neera and Shera will keep you engaged until the end of the show.


Imagicaa theme park indoor ride


Your wildest imaginations come alive as you dive into the virtual ocean sprawling around and above you on a king-size 3100 square feet screen. An all-season indoor attraction at the theme park, the make-believe world at Cinema 360 is fully air-conditioned and perfect for adults and children. Catch the show between thrilling roller coaster rides or after a heavy meal at the Imagicaa food court and unwind to the calming tunes powered by a Shillong choir.


Summing up the storytelling 

You are in for a treat when visiting Imagicaa theme park near Pune as you can experience a gush of mystery, magic, and unlimited entertainment at this indoor attraction. Make your way to Imagicaa with your friends and family now to experience visual storytelling and make memories that last a lifetime.

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