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Visit this adventure park near Mumbai to experience the Rajasaurus river adventure ride!

If exploring the unknown delights you, this ride is perfect for you! Rajasaurus river adventure is one of the most talked-about rides in the Imagicaa theme park that will transport you to the world of ferocious dinosaurs. Imagine Mesozoic Park dinosaurs all around you! Can’t wait to experience it, right? Well, this adventure park has recreated the Mesozoic age at the Rajasaurus river adventure, a ride not to be missed!


Let’s explore Rajasaurus and everything you need to know about it!



What is the ride all about?

The Rajasaurus river adventure ride is about Dr Roy, a world-renowned scientist obsessed with dinosaurs. He time travels to the Jurassic period and hopes to uncover the story of Rajasaurus, the huge dinosaur that is even mightier than the T-Rex.


Rajasaurus is always on the hunt for his next meal and views tourists as his lunch! So keep your fingers crossed and feel the adrenaline rush as you escape from the grip of Rajasaurus just in time!


What to expect?

The Rajasaurus river adventure ride starts by giving you a behind-the-scenes look into all things dinosaurs. As you walk on, you will find yourself in Dr Roy’s room and the time machine for everyone to travel back in time.


The next leg of the ride continues in a boat which takes you through a real-life jungle-like area with dino animatronics along with giant scary dinosaur figurines. The final plunge is the most exciting as you find Rajasaurus coming down at you, and you escape just in time from his reach!



Few add-ons

The Rajasaurus ride is the perfect river adventure ride you can enjoy with friends and family. Here are a few additional tips to enjoy the ride to its fullest:

  • Wear comfortable clothes. If possible, carry an extra pair of clothing, as you may get soaked at the ride’s end.
  • Shop from the souvenir shop near the ride. Carry home various toys and articles related to Rajasaurus to preserve as a memory with you.
  • Head to the nearest food joints to satisfy your hunger pangs after the exciting ride. Gorge on milkshakes, ice creams, sandwiches, burgers, and other snacks.


To sum it up

Hop on to this dive-into-the-past boat adventure packed with sudden twists and turns at this adventure park on your next visit! The wild and swampy world of Rajasaurus is the perfect way to experience what it feels like to be in the company of dinosaurs! So what are you waiting for? Plan a visit to sit in the Imagicaa theme park Rajasaurus river adventure and get blown away with excitement!

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