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Discover the Pride of India at Imagicaa this Republic Day

As 26 January 2023 dawns, the nation comes in grips of patriotic fervour and national pride with parades, flag-hoisting ceremonies, and cultural programs commemorating the beginning of the Indian Republic. Republic Day 2023 in India is synonymous with history, culture and the spirit of unity, no doubt. But it is also synonymous with community congregations and fun fairs in the spirit of celebration of diversity. And if you are thinking of the Republic Day celebration in Mumbai we have the perfect suggestion for an enriching, elevating and entertaining long weekend!




For a long time, we had to think of the USA, Europe or at least Singapore in order to experience world-class theme parks. Now, not only do we have a ‘Mr. India’ of theme parks; we as a country can also boast of best-in-class rides and shows made in India! Welcome to Imagicaa, the highest rated themed destination in South Asia, on Google, Facebook, and Tripadvisor. Indeed, the world’s envy and India’s pride! Wouldn’t that be the perfect Republic Day celebration in India?




Discovery of India

When we think of the reason why Republic Day is celebrated, we realise that it is a day of a historic first for India – when the country’s constitution took birth. Wouldn’t it be amazing to celebrate this Republic Day at Imagicaa which possesses many of India’s firsts? The first among those firsts we would recommend is the I for India ride with its dash of patriotism and pride. Experience the breath-taking beauty of India like never before with a stunning film shot from a helicopter and displayed on a massive 90-foot wide screen. Buckle up and prepare to be elevated to amazing heights as you soar like a bird above the gorgeous landscapes, this 26 January 2023. The most ultimate way to fly virtually and see India’s stunning sights.


B For Bharat; B for Bollywood

For all you Bollywood buffs out there, Imagicaa offers the only space in the country to enjoy Mr. India like never before via a brand new high-paced, immersive film viewing experience. As you watch the film on-screen, the motion simulation technology will make you feel like you are right in the middle of the action, with every bump and dip, push and shove. This innovative attraction, the first of its kind in India, will provide a completely new way to experience the contemporary adventure of Mr. India. Get ready for a thrilling and unique “Hawa-Hawai” ride as part of your Republic Day celebration in India.


Whatever be the case, don’t miss out on India’s only blend of live theatre, special effects and multimedia magic at the ‘Wrath of the Gods’ ride. Be guests of the brave archaeologist and brace yourselves for the experience of the power of ancient deities, breathtakingly rendered through an immersive blend of theatrics, special effects, and graphics.


Continue the exciting journey of exploring roller-coasters, other fun indoor shows and entertainment acts spanning through the day.


An Immersive Experience with a Parade

But Imagicaa is more than just a collection of rides. It is a fully immersive experience that transports visitors to different worlds and times. The park’s live performances, cultural activities, and special events all contribute to this feeling of being transported to another place. The standout among these experiences is the parade which is among the most important events on Republic Day!


Get ready to participate in India’s largest and most colourful character parade. Grab the opportunity to be welcomed by a flash mob, to groove in step with an exuberant dance troop, to revel in acrobatic performances and to pose for hundreds of pictures with the most lovable and likeable mascots.


We are sure that the whole day experience in this magical and mind-boggling place will be the best Republic Day celebration in Mumbai. The diversity of rides and experiences have the common unifying factors of fun, frolic and being made in India. Witnessing the wonders achieved here will fill your heart with pride of belonging to India! Isn’t that one of the chief reasons why Republic day is celebrated?




Republic Day Celebration India Special – Tricolour dishes

Utilise your day and dive into patriotism by feasting on very palatable Republic Day celebration themed dishes. Yes! This Republic Day 2023, Imagicaa is plating up amazing tricolour dishes that will add flavour to the festivities, making the foodie in you exalt! Tiranga Dhokla is nothing but dhokla, one of the favourite snacks of many Indians snack in three colours that adds a whole lot more fun to your tasteful experience at Imagicaa. Serving up next is the Indian flag inspired Tiranga Pulao where three layers of colourful rice are stacked one upon the other or beside one another topped with star anise.  To sweeten the Republic Day 2023 celebration; chefs at Imagicaa are doling out Tiranga Barfi too. 


LONG WEEKEND ALERT – Grab the Best Offers

In view of the long weekend starting from Thursday, 26 January 2023, till Sunday 29th January, Imagicaa is offering an amazing discount of a whopping 20% on both – the regular tickets and express tickets – to this unique theme park which boasts of 100+ attractions, themed shows, and attractions that offers something for all ages and interests!


What are you waiting for? Book your tickets and make Republic Day 2023 weekend a memorable one where, in the words of Rabindranath Tagore, ‘the mind is without fear and the head is held high’.

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