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Script Your Summer Holidays Differently with Imagicaa

 A Snow-escape, a cool blue trail and a whole lot of adventure packed in one summer vacation holiday at Imagicaa

Summer holidays near mumbai pune

You are always drawn to snowy mountains or crystal-clear island nations when you think about planning a summer vacation. On everyone’s wishlist would be to sip hot beverages overlooking the snow-capped mountains. Or simply gaze at the calm island waters. Hello, Safe Travels! But dreams of these summer holidays in the Alps or amidst pristine beaches are most likely to get interrupted when on a budget vacation. This holds particularly true when the summer vacation includes either friends, family or both. Moreover, tallying the numbers from hotels, stay to food and shopping is likely to get the credit card to reach its limit. Also, is it a safe place to visit along with loved ones is another concern!


summer holidays planning

Frankly, we think neither budget nor experience nor welfare of loved ones should comprise the summer holiday planning. Summer vacations are all about the experience; it is about the time spent with family and friends in a protected and secure environment. From views and pitches during vacation planning to swiping through your phone gallery and reminiscence all the memories captured. The entire process of summer vacation is what encourages frantic hours of searching for affordable vacations or budget holiday destinations.

But perhaps, choosing the right location for your summer holidays, that accommodates everyone’s taste, encourages family bonding, and does not strain your wallet is not beyond the ordinary.  Imagicaa is one such place that meets this checklist. It welcomes everyone’s choice of entertainment and includes activities for all ages while daily adhering to safety norms. It is located surrounded by scenic mountains between Mumbai-Pune expressway and doesn’t demand big bucks. In fact, with the travel time that you save to get to Imagicaa, you can avoid the stress of sitting long hours in flights, thus creating more time to bond with your family and friends.

Summer holidays water park

And a visit to a water park or aqua park gets everyone into their summer holiday mood. If you pick an international adventure park, the per person ticket costs will make a sizeable difference in your budget vacation and defy the entire purpose of maintaining a budget. It therefore only makes sense of adding a few days at Imagicaa to your summer holiday.

While spending your day at the water park, do not miss out on our family special rides like Soakerz, Boomerango and The Pirate Bay. Zooballoo’s wild animal music band that splashes tons of water for the kids to enjoy makes for some splattering fun.

Summer holidays stay novotel imagicaa

After all the excitement, Novotel Imagicaa will ensure the relaxing and pampering stay you need. And irrespective of whether your summer vacation is a long or short trip adding Novotel Imagicaa to the itinerary is highly recommended.

After a day of some splashy fun, start a fresh new day at the adventure park for an action-packed time. Besides all the adrenaline pumping and 4D rides, encourage more family bonding time. Get into a wild battle with water guns on a float at Splash Ahoy! And for the horror and mystery lovers, the dungeons of Salimgarh are filled with horrid tales.

Make this summer vacation a little more memorable by joining the evening spectacular Grand Imagicaa parade. Every evening a joyous parade makes it way down to the main avenue giving you the Brazil carnival vibe.

Also if you’re a bona fide snow bunny who loves to climb snow-clad mountains or aspire to scale Everest someday, we get you! Test your skills at 1/10th your budget at Imagicaa Snow Park. In sub-zero temperatures and real like snowfall, engage yourself with friends and family by skiing, riding down the toboggans, climbing the rocky snowy mountains, sliding down the slides in a raft and most importantly getting into snowball battles. Imagicaa gives you the same experience of a snowy summer vacation in its 15,000 sq. ft.  Snow Park.  Doesn’t it make for a good budget holiday destination without the hassle and stress of extensive expenses?

We assure you that your summer holiday at Imagicaa will give you the full experience of multiple destinations in just one. The best part is getting a vacation on budget experience fit for all ages that truly becomes larger than life vacation.

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