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The Themes at Play at Imagicaa Water Park

A water park is perfect for unwinding with friends and family while having loads of fun and adventure. Experience a world of unlimited masti and mazza at Imagicaa’s themed water park rides. Slide down these thrilling rides to feel the rush of adrenaline and the excitement of discovering a world filled with fantasy characters and elements. Whether you love gushing down at speed from heights or prefer twists and turns that leave you gasping for more, there is sure to be a ride that you will find yourself re-entering through the day at Imagicaa, the biggest water park in India.



Here are some of the top theme-based water park rides at Imagicaa.

A wild time

Imagine being surrounded by some playful animal characters on your upcoming water park ride. After all, they are the best company, aren’t they? The fun mood comes alive at Imagicaa water park’s Zooballoo ride. After spending hours swooping down long, unending water slides, enjoy some wild time at this kid-friendly ride. A bunch of animal characters, including a friendly elephant, a playful alligator, a naughty monkey, and a joyful kangaroo, splash water at you while playing some fun music.



Indulge in some rain dance or enjoy a round of hide-and-seek; give in to fun moments fuelled by your imagination and favourite family pastimes at this kids water park ride. Create beautiful memories with family members of all ages at this jungle-inspired water park attraction; experience the magic of wildlife, and unlimited water splashing at Zooballoo.



Choose your captain

Dive right into the fascinating world of pirates and plunders at this kids water park ride. At Pirate Bay, they can be the fellows they always wanted to be – the brave captain of the ship, the wicked pirate, or the hero who saves the ship. Watch them indulge in pretend play even as the real fun never stops; swoosh down open slides, chase each other down tube slides and battle it out in calm, shallow pools.



Get them to take this colourful ride for a world that recreates the backdrop of their favourite stories; water, adventure, and imagination all come together at this ride. As they go down multiple mini slides, explore water toys on their way to the pool, and come across playful characters, they are sure to make memories of a lifetime. Snap them in action for your next family album.



Race, race, race

Why should children have all the fun? This themed water park ride at Imagicaa answers your need for speed. Lie on your stomach, and let the thrill of Zip Zap Zoom take over your body and mind as you slide down from an exciting height, passing through multiple serpentine slides. A tall ride, head to this one to feel the adrenalin – gush down tube slides, only to find yourself suddenly zipping down open lanes. Time your own ride, or race down together with friends. Either way, get ready for a whole lot of speed, action, and thrill that awakens the racer in you.



The best part? You get your very own vehicle to race down at this Imagicaa water park ride! Live you’re racing fantasies from the safety of the vehicle with friends and family. Channel your inner Schumacher, Hamilton, or Alonso for a truly memorable time. Keep score, plan semis, and celebrate winners. Truly live you’re racing dream at the biggest water park in India, khul ke!

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