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Top 4 Things to Do in Imagicaa Theme Park on a Monsoon Weekend

​​The monsoon is here and it’s raining. It’s also raining excitement and magic at the best theme parks in Lonavala, Imagicaa. But best of all, it’s raining amazing rides of all kinds! It is definitely a time to get out of the city’s hustle and bustle and soak in the rain at the best amusement park in Pune. If you are looking for a weekend getaway or one-day trip in Pune that combines excitement, romance, humour, action, horror, fantasy, and fun for the whole family, then let your search end at Imagicaa.



1. Best Amusement Park in Pune with Roller Screamers: ‘Breath-taking’ gets a new meaning in the form of roller coasters at this theme park near Mumbai. At a height of 132 feet, Nitro is definitely India’s largest, fastest and baddest roller coaster and it will give any roller coaster in the Indian sub-continent a run for its money. Have you ever been in the cockpit of an acrobatic fighter jet? Ride Nitro to understand how it must feel. And if it rains, the exhilaration-quotient of the ride just goes even higher!



You can actually experience being a raindrop yourself in the ‘Dare 2 Drop’ ride which features a 135-feet free fall!  Complete disorientation is all yours in the spinning ‘Scream Machine’. Finally, the Rajasaurus River Adventure will take you back to the Jurassic era and bring you back with ease into the present times. This theme park near Mumbai has all the thrills you can imagine.



2. Kiddy Rides are ‘Delight’: Imagicaa is the best amusement park in Pune simply by the variety of rides it has for the little ones. Every child will let out an excited scream when they see ‘Tubbby Takes Off’, a roller coaster specially designed for kids. And if the desire to go up and down isn’t satiated yet, welcome to the cute ferris wheel, ‘Wagon-O-O-Wheel’.



Let your child embark on driving fun at ‘Happy Wheelss’ or ride horseback in the ‘Magic Carousel’. The little daredevils can check out the mini drop in ‘Humpty’s Fall’ or the splashy monster in ‘Loch Ness Expplorers’.



3. Exciting Air-conditioned Indoor Rides: A burst of rain can never play a spoilsport at Imagicaa, which is loaded with indoor fun. A must-see is the ‘I For India’ ride that lets you soar across India and marvel at the country’s wonders from a unique perspective. For cosmic explorers, ‘Deep Space’, India’s only dark roller coaster will be a unique experience. And for all the Bollywood buffs among us, Mr. India and Friends, an integrated simulator ride is an absolute delight.



Catering to all the emotions, the indoor section at this theme park at Lonavala has its share of romance, humour, action and even horror. ‘Prince of the Dark Waters’ takes you on a love story set in an underwater world which you view in 360 degrees. ‘Detective Bow Wow Show’ is a rib-tickling comedy of an internationally renowned detective finding a lost artefact. The immersive indoors of the ‘Wrath of the Gods’ will take your breath away as ancient deities come alive while ‘Salimgarh’, with its horror-filled dungeons and torture rooms brings the dead to life



4. Gastronomic experience at Pune Adventure Park: When spending a whole day at a place isn’t enough to experience all its wonders, it is vital to have a steady and tasty supply of good food. There are many themed restaurants at this adventure park in Lonavala that serve local and global cuisines. Make sure you arrive in time for breakfast and do not leave without having an early dinner! Choose from the ‘Arrmada’, ‘Red Bonnet’, ‘Roberto’s Food Court’, ‘The Imagicaa Capital’ or the ‘Zeze Bar and Grill’. There is a special plate for every palate!



When a destination offers all this and more; why think at all! Just gather your gang and book your tickets kyunki apno ke saath hi toh hogi Masti ki Baarish!


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