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5 Unforgettable Children’s rides at Imagicaa

November 15, 2022 - by Imagicaa

Finding an activity that you and your kids enjoy together can be challenging. In most cases, children's activities don't engage parents much. And, taking your kids to an adult's set-up leaves the child bored. Imagicaa theme park offers a way out. With something for everyone, this adult and kid-friendly theme park near Mumbai can be an excellent place for families.


The following five rides for kids at Imagicaa will make you want to put your children in the car and head right here.


Childrens Rides


A fun way to teach your children how to drive and follow traffic rules, Happy Wheels is one of the most loved kids' rides at Imagicaa. Children love doing grown-up things, and putting them behind the wheel here can offer them a sense of achievement mixed with learning and fun. This ride's minimum and maximum height requirements are 94 cm and 132 cm, respectively, making it ideal for toddlers.  


Childrens Rides


Tubbby, the cute elephant ride, is a fun joyride that parents and children can enjoy together. The brightly coloured red Tubbby cars move up and down, making your kids jump up in joy and excitement. This ride's minimum and maximum heights are 94 cm and 132 cm, respectively.


Childrens Amusement Park Rides Names


The kid's version of a free-fall ride, Humpty's Fall, is a safe, fun ride for children who love adventure. This is one of the most frequented children's rides in Imagicaa and can be enjoyed by accompanying parents too. You can experience the highs and lows within a short 10-meter height and go around 360 degrees, just like you do in life! This ride's minimum and maximum heights should be 94 cm and 132 cm.


Kids Rides


The OG of all kids' rides, the Magic Carousel is a magical take on the classic ride. Have your kids sit on a horse or a carriage as the ride speeds up with lights shimmering and wind swishing past them! The Magic Carousel is an excellent way to share a part of your childhood with your kids. The minimum height for this ride should be 107 cm.


Rides for Kids


A fresh new take on the Ferris wheel, this is one of the most visually appealing rides for kids at Imagicaa. The beautifully designed six-wagon ride, slightly over 10 meters in height, makes for a great adventure for the little ones. The minimum height for this ride is 94 cm, and the maximum is 132 cm.


To sum it up

These children's rides and other attractions at Imagicaa will surely leave your kids with everlasting memories. Not just this, you can also enjoy the snow and water park for kids while you are here. All in all, this makes for a great trip and allows you to bond with your little ones while also enjoying yourself.

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