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Unmissable Water Park Slides at Imagicaa 

The combination of the holiday season and over-ecstatic children at home leads to a crazy time if parents do not have anything figured out on how their kids could kill time apart from binge watching television. Plan an exciting day with friends and family at the Imagicaa Water Park, dotted with thrilling water park slides, and restaurants to ensure you have the best weekend with your loved ones. Slide down from a height or leave yourself gasping with glee at attractions complete with twists and turns for an unlimited adrenaline rush. One of India’s biggest water parks will immerse you in a world of thrill and where every minute is filled with adventure and magic.


Imagicaa Water Park slides


Check out some of the best water park slides at Imagicaa Water Park that offers a little something for every kind of guest.


The Screamer 

There’s hype about the Screamer, and you’ll have to experience it to believe it. Supplied by the world’s leading park slide and play area manufacturer, White Water, this water park slide will shake you up! A series of twists, turns, and oscillations will leave you bubbling with an adrenaline rush, such that you’ll want to go for it again. What makes this ride top the list is the different shapes in alignments and lengths of cylinders that allow you to experience a variety of thrilling sensations!


Twisty Turvy 

One of the water park rides at Imagicaa, Twisty Turvy is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. A gravity-defying coaster attraction will blast you uphill on water jets, launching you into the thrilling ‘Super Bowl’ powered with centrifugal forces to keep you holding your breath! But that’s not it; the force keeps you on the edge of the seat as you dodge twists and turns only to be thrown into a refreshing splash pool.



Imagicaa is dotted with intriguing water park slides for guests to experience every kind of thrill. At the Raftasstic water park slide, you can enjoy riveting family time on the raft that comfortably fits three people. Hop on and enjoy a unique experience with steep drops and daring turns as splashes of water drench you and leave you wanting for more.


water park slides


Zip Zap Zoom 

Designed in a side-by-side multi-lane design, Zip Zap Zoom is perfect to experience. True to the name, this attraction is about racing on a high-speed mat racer through enclosed Aqua Tubes. Spice up the fun with a challenge as you race down with your friends in the adjoining tubes. It is the perfect water park slide to experience adventure with your family and friends while making lasting memories to cherish at Imagicaa Water Park.



Are you travelling in a large group where half of your gang is pumped up for the day while the other half is lazy? Soakerz is just the ride for you to get your family a little bit of both. A family raft-style ride, Soakerz offers a thrilling time with steep drops and gentle lazing through the water as you reach the end of the slide. A proper family ride, we guarantee you will have a merry time slithering down this water park ride with your loved ones.


best water park slides in Mumbai


Swirl Whirl 

Dancing in the rain comes naturally to everyone. But have you ever taken an exhilarating journey through a water tunnel with twists and turns? If not, Swirl Whirl is an unmissable water park ride at Imagicaa. As you gradually descend the tube, there are 4 to 5 vertical oscillations before being hurled into the final open plunge pool.



Did someone say limitless aqua therapy? These Imagicaa Water Park slides do that and more as you gather up your squad and head to experience fun in a spacious expanse with delicious food, attractions for children, and stunning backdrops for family photos.

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