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Fairytale Wedding Venues with Love & Enchantment at Imagicaa

September 11, 2023 - by Imagicaa

As per ‘Dictionary of Romance’, the definition of wedding is a marriage ceremony where two souls weave their dreams together, and the magic of their love lights up the world!


If your definition of wedding matches this and you wish that the ceremony be dreamy, delightful and decorated beyond your wildest imaginations, then there is good news! The best among wedding venues that you definitely should consider is here. The name is Imagicaa! This is especially true if you are on a hunt for a wedding destination in Lonavala.


The best thing about this wedding destination in Lonavala is that it has got you covered from the pre-wedding shoot till the reception and honeymoon as well! So, if you have the drive for dream destination wedding venues, it is time to take a drive along the Mumbai-Pune expressway!



Wedding Venues for Weddings of All Sizes


Every wedding is special and unique, just like the couple getting married. At Imagicaa, each couple's dreams, preferences and requests are tailored to perfection! The seasoned team will collaborate perfectly with your wedding planner. All you need to do is either ask or simply spell out your wishes! Whether it's the pre-wedding photo shoots, parties, ceremonies, or post-wedding celebrations, this wedding venue can host all these events for 50 to 2500 guests. It is an opportunity to make your marquee moment a truly momentous and memorable wedding destination in Lonavala!


Best Pre-Wedding Destination in Lonavala

Before embarking on your lifelong journey together, you can capture the love and romance of your courtship days with romantic dinner dates and photoshoots. This wedding destination in Lonavala provides a special place for these photoshoots. Whether you want a romantic, adventurous, or fun backdrop for a romantic pre wedding dinner or even looking for a perfect setup for renewing your vows; Imagicaa is a wedding reception venue that culminates into unique pre-wedding, engagement, or lifestyle photoshoot destination.


Sangeet Becomes an Oscar-winning Musical

Infuse your Sangeet ceremony with the spirit of celebration and an enchanting touch of magic at Imagicaa Capital Banquet! This star of the pre-wedding venues is a hall located in the heart of the park which stands grand in all its pillar-less glory! Picture the bride and groom driving in style aboard the iconic Mr. India car with Imagicaa Grand Character parade right on their tale…oops we mean tail!


It is a charming and unique touch that adds an element of drama, playfulness and uniqueness to your special day. With the open-air expanse providing ample space for dancing and merry-making, the joyful energy of the parade will resonate in every step. As twilight bathes the surroundings in a warm glow, the festivities take on a dreamlike quality, making your Sangeet ceremony an unforgettable affair.




A Splashin’ Dashin’ Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

For a bachelor party that brims with adventure and camaraderie, look no further than Arrmada, the captivating Pirate Ship-styled bar and restaurant. With its rustic wooden charm and an open-to-sky island bar, it offers a distinctive experience. The tranquil blue pond adjacent to it offers breath-taking park views creating an ambiance that's perfect for raising toasts with your closest pals. The Arrmada can cater easily to 200 guests.


Simultaneously, the bachelorette party can rock on as a blend of water-soaked fun and beach-themed vibes at the Wave Pool! Who needs the breezy ambiance of Mykonos when surrounded by the Greek-inspired charm here? As the bride and her gal pals splash about in joy, Sun Beatz awaits with a feast of oven-fresh pizzas and lip-smacking Lebanese treats. Sip on cocktails or beer, sharing laughter and stories as you bask in the joy of your impending journey into marriage.


Out-Of-The-World Wedding Reception ‘Space’

After exchanging vows, it's time to exchange wows! Receive family and friends under the twinkling stars, dancing the night away in the enchanting outdoor haven that Deep Space Valley is! This exceptional venue sets the stage for a grand celebration, accommodating up to 1000 guests! Choose Deep Space Valley as the canvas for your celebration, and let the skies above witness the splendour of your union in a setting that's truly beyond compare.

One in a Million Ceremony and Wedding Venue

Imagicaa Grande Lagoon stands tall among the best wedding venues to host both the marriage ceremony and reception. This spectacular 15,000 sq. ft. space with a capacity ranging from 300 to 1500 guests offers a Mediterranean ambiance, characterised by white stucco exteriors. The attractiveness gets magical as the outdoor area gracefully merges with a natural lagoon adorned with lotuses. You get a 360-degree panorama of the park's scenic charm from here.


The wedding reception becomes breath-taking against the backdrop of the Grande Waterfall! Its cascading beauty adds a touch of magic to the solemn promises and group photographs. As the ceremonies transition completely into celebration, the sprawling square area becomes a perfect space for F&B catering. Invite all your guests to indulge in a delectable culinary experience while basking in the glory of the natural surroundings.


You could use new age decor ideas to ramp up the fantasy quotient for the wedding reception. Neon elements carrying romantic messages or the couple’s names, oversized floral installations to complement Imagicaa’ landscapes and geometric shapes to accent the contemporary feel is one way to go. Choose between old-world charm of direct view or tech-integrated LED screens for everyone to view the larger than life ceremonies.


The Novotel Way To Stay

Among all wedding destinations in Lonavala, Imagicaa’ Novotel is the perfect haven for your stay. With 260 Superior rooms, everyone can stay at the wedding venues! The 5 Suites can be used for immediate family and the 20 Premier rooms for extended family. The Presidential suite transforms into a romantic Honeymoon suite, to create a special start for the newlyweds.


While its dedicated kids' play area will keep the little ones entertained, Lonavala's largest meeting space transforms into a mesmerising wedding ballroom! Novotel has a beautiful rooftop spanning 24000 sq. ft. The beautifully designed, sprawling lawns spanning 12500 sq. ft. are tailor-made for get together of any sort.


With all the diverse spaces, luxurious accommodations, and enchanting backdrops in this wedding venue, your wedding dreams find a fitting canvas at Imagicaa. Discover a world where love and enchantment merge seamlessly as your journey of togetherness takes centre stage. This amazing wedding destination in Lonavala stands ready to make your wedding a timeless and unforgettable masterpiece!

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