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What makes Imagicaa the best weekend getaway near Mumbai and Pune

All of us wish to let loose from the clutches of Everyday Chaotic Life

The sense of freedom, the fresh air intake, and the chance to invigorate tired souls are reasons why weekend getaways are a must. Backed by science and highly prescribed by medical professionals that breaking free for a short weekend getaway that promises fun, thrill, and excitement; completely rejuvenates you. Moreover whether you are a seasoned traveller or an explorer; organising a weekend getaway is an insanely fun thing to do. Planning to go for a weekend getaway near cities like Mumbai and Pune to have a good time; then Imagicaa is your perfect destination for every season and lots of reasons. Due to an ideal location, thrilling surprises, and amazing attractions, Imagicaa is always on everyone’s go-to list.



So, what makes us special, a little special, and an extra special?




All that tired souls ever want is to have good time and de-stress in the best possible manner, What better than hitting the road and driving through the Mumbai-Pune expressway to reach Imagicaa. Blast your favourite playlist; click as many ‘carfies’, sprinkled with a little fun with family, reaching Khopoli is a breeze. Once you arrive at our doorstep, we undertake all precautionary measures for our visitors’ safety. Cited as ’India’s only and biggest Themed Entertainment Park’, by many travel enthusiasts, you get to explore an entire world of fun, rejuvenation, relaxation, and cuisine amidst much valued bonding with friends and family. Making all your fantasises come  true is by uncovering the hidden gems our Theme Park, Water Park, and Snow Park behold within themselves.


Let’s explore together. Theme Park being a huge favourite let’s start here. Apart from the classical attractions like Nitro, Deep Space at the theme park; attraction such as the ‘Rajasauras River Adventure’ ride takes you back in time to the Dinosaur era. , Or you can opt to just float and engage in friendly dashing in ‘Bump It Boats’. There are numerous other surprises such as ‘Splash Ahoy’, ’Scream Machine’, and ‘Mr India’ that you shouldn’t miss. If you love the water then the crazy, twisty-turvy water slides at our Water Park are just made for you. From dunking friends or plain lazing around in the wave pool to experiencing slides like ‘Swirl Whirl’ and ‘Zip Zap Zoom’, adds a cherry to the top of an amazing and memorable weekend. Those who love to brave the cold or just love snow should definitely tour our Snow Park.  Nowhere else would you get to slide down snowy mountain or ride Toboggans or get into a friendly snowball fights. Our Snow Park is the ultimate selfie-hub. Choose between an igloo, polar bear, and snow-man or click a pic against each one in the backdrop and make your Instagram followers envious.



With so much to see, do, and explore; your stomach is bound to growl in hunger. Calm all the hunger pangs by choosing amongst our unique multi-cuisine restaurants and food kiosks that serve you the most refreshing drinks and mouth-watering cuisines. Opt for a deluxe stay at Novotel Imagicaa and wake up to scenic mountainous views. A little pampering session goes far so leverage the premium in-hotel facilities to relax and rejuvenate.

Summer holidays stay novotel imagicaa

Imagicaa Amusement Park: An ideal place for your weekend getaway with your friends and family!




In totality, Imagicaa lets you dive deeper into a sea of discoveries, let’s your wildest dreams come true as you embark on a fantastic adventure with loved ones. With all this and more, Imagicaa is sure to be on your list when planning your weekend getaway near Pune or Mumbai. From roller coaster rides to taking a walk inside haunted mansions to wild water rides; everything present here is a pure bliss. So get planning and packing!!!

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