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#WhatsYourSummerPlan – Plan your Summer Vacation full of stories and adventure with Imagicaa

When you think of a good plan for summer vacation, one is easily drawn to memorable family gatherings, mischief with cousins at a serene holiday location, warm hugs by grandma and delicious food spread. Summer vacations provide a great opportunity to bond family.

As children, it is one of the most awaited times of the year that looks forward to a great Summer Holiday. And as a parent, it is the beginning of holiday planning and vacation planning that looks forward to spending quality time with family. The one thing that both children and parents together look forward to in a summer holiday is a get-away from the mundane.



A summer vacation that ticks boxes against adventure, scenic locations, playful memories, stronger bonds are the answer to a perfect Summer Holiday. One such place that far exceeds this expectation is Imagicaa. Nestled between the scenic Mumbai-Pune Highway, Imagicaa is an enjoyable destination that has adventurous and scenic rides to create memories of a lifetime. What’s better is that you do not have to rush into one-day chaos. Extend your summer vacation invite to your friends and family and enjoy some bonding time with a two-day stay at Novotel Imagicaa. Enjoy your complimentary breakfast before you head out on your summer adventure. For those vacation planning enthusiasts, we’ve created a storytelling 2-day itinerary!

Day 1 

Rollercoasters to 4D fun, the Theme Park will deliver the exhilarating summer vacation you always hoped for!

For an adventure with the mighty Rajasaurus River Ride:


A historic start to day #1 of your summer holiday, Imagicaa’s Rajasaurus River Adventure ride will pump in all the excitement. Dodging between t-rex’ and trees, this unnerving water boat adventure ride with its sudden twists and ambush turns leads to the mighty Indian dinosaur – Rajasaurus.

An adrenaline-pumping plot twist with Dare2Drop:

A good holiday planning is incomplete without thrilling adventures. Find yourself safely seated at Dare2Drop that elevates you to a height of 132 feet to only get you back to the ground with your heart racing. If you have younger children, give this a skip and pick Chhota Bheem – The Ride and meet the Stars of Imagicaa – Tubbby, Roberto, Bow Wow.

Hero fighting villain with AliBaba and Chalis Chorr:


Reminiscing the good old days without some folklore seems incomplete. Adding a splash of drama in your summer holiday is the Ali Baba Chalis Chorr ride. Board your vehicle that lets you experience a video game in all its glory and travel through the city of Gulabad scouting for forty thieves. Use your laser guns to save the day! Just like in video games, the one to collect maximum points may end up winning exciting prizes. An instant hit with the kids during their summer vacations, this ride is super interactive.

‘Fast’ forward victory ride on the Nitro:


For a Summer holiday inclusive of a heart-racing thrill, it only makes sense to take a swing at Imagicaa’s fastest roller coaster ride. A ride that will get the hoppy poppy children to get pumped is the Nitro. Standing at a staggering 132-foot high with over 2800 feet of track length, Nitro is 150seconds of raw excitement! Children above the height of 132cm (52″) are allowed.

‘Picture Abhi Baki hai’ moment with Mr.India:


Cinema is a great conversation starter between the young and the young at heart. Why not let the kids of today, experience a tale as thrilling as Mr.India? Inspired by the iconic movie – Mr. India takes you on a 4D simulation adventure. Children can ward off the evils faced by Mr. India and save the day! For an extra real feel, the entire tale is narrated by actor Anil Kapoor.

Chill after the Thrill at Novotel Imagicaa:


Surely, exploring the theme park will leave your adrenaline pumping. Calm those nerves by parking yourself for the night at Novotel Imagicaa. Take a dip or just plain chill by the poolside. Before heading to explore the other parks, we recommend letting your olfactory guide you to the ultimate buffet spread. Greet your favourite characters “Good Morning’ as they keep you entertained. It definitely gives an invigorating and unforgettable experience.

Day 2

Once in a snowy-land far away:


Picking a cold and snowy summer vacation may seem like the first choice to tackle the summer heat. But why waste time and money on long travels when you can visit one between Mumbai-Pune? Start your day by experiencing the magical feeling of snowfall all over you at the snow world of Imagicaa. Once you get comfortable with the cool temperatures, slide away on mats for a thrilling experience. Challenge your competitive friends and family members to a dance-off on the snowy dance floor. And if your holiday planning checklist includes hikes and climbing then why think of the Alps when you can get a quick feel of your resilience at the snow park itself? Experience, snow mountain climbing, and Snow hiking while here. But before you bid adieu, sip a warm cuppa hot chocolate at the cafe and soak in the cold amidst the summer heat.

A splashing thrill ride awaited the kids and the kids at heart:

Summer holidays water park

A summer vacation without the visit to a water park seems incomplete. And at  Imagicaa’s water park, you will not definitely be drenched in fun. If you are still carrying the cold fuzzy feeling from the snow park with you then loosen up at the Wacky Waves and if you are in the mood for some big splashes then we recommend a quick Loopy Woopy, The Screamer and some pirate fun at the Pirate Bay. If your adrenaline is still pumping then make a quick stop to Yell-O! Before you call it a day, rebond with your friends and family over your day 1 experiences at Floasta while you float on the cozy and lazy river.

Imagicaa is a great option for family picnics that should definitely be a part of your holiday planning or vacation planning! The best part is that it comes with the option to stay and relax at Novotel Imagicaa without having to worry about a rushed getaway.

Learn more about “Stay at Novotel Imagicaa + Theme Park + Water Park + Breakfast” package for your perfect Summer Holiday near Mumbai and Pune.

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