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Wish to Relive Amazing Childhood Memories?

Here’ an ultimate guide on how to relive childhood memories at Imagicaa


Given a chance to relive childhood memories, and every adult wishes they could go back to being a kid. Don’t tell me, as a child, the thought of growing up and not having to deal with the stress of studies never crossed your mind. And on the contrary as an adult, missing school days is and has been part of all good conversations with ol’ buddies. But talking and reminiscing about them with friends are ways to relive childhood times. And no matter the age, outings to closest spot on the city outskirts or even amusement parks are a nostalgic part of these memories. But with these memories come packaged with an endless flash of questions including how clean or safe is the place to visit, what essentials should I pack, the overall expense etc.


Imagicaa gives you multiple reasons t0 relive childhood memories, escape the mundane minus safety and security anxiety hitting you. All in all, the myriad of park offerings is all you need to awaken the nostalgia, recall the meaningful bonds built to creating the memories you now cherish as an adult.   Indeed, Imagicaa holds the blue print on how to relive childhood memories as well as ways to relive those amazing, crazy childhood memories. Gather your friends and family cause here is a quick list that outlines this blueprint on ways to relive your childhood:


Renew Your Bond over Craziness


A lot may have been shared as opinions while thinking of ideas of reliving childhood days. Shutting them down with Instagram stories of experiencing some of the fastest rollercoasters, 4D adventure rides, rocketing into deep space and back will surely keep all those opinions at bay.


We know, the smell of a fun challenge’ lures teenagers and young adults, just the same. We recommend taking a quick ride on the Scream Machine and our fastest ride, Nitro. Once you’ve ticked mark these, stop for a quick breather.


To relive childhood memories also means overcoming your fears that stopped you as a kid from going bonkers. What better than riding the body swirling and mind-boggling crazy teacups ride, Mambo Chai Chama with friends to test your bravery limits. You will only be amazed at the numerous ways you can relive childhood memories at Imagicaa.


Let Lose the Talented Kid in You


Ways to relive your childhood is not limited only to rides. Still confused? Let’s clear the air for you. Rewind the time, unleash the superstar in you and let the memories unfold. Sing and dance alongside the Stars of Imagicaa, character mascots- Tubbby, Bloo, and friends in the Grand Imagicaa Parade. Don’t let the groove and excitement stop just there as you relive childhood memories! Get your friends, partner, and family and dance your heart out at the Imagicaa Bollywood Sun-downer.


Go splash splash! 


Summers can get super-hot. A visit to the water park will help you take off some heat. Come to think of it reliving childhood memories without stepping into the water seems incomplete. Start with Wacky Wavess that create sea-like waves every minute before indulging in a healthy competition with friends on Zip Zap Zoom, a thrilling high-speed mat racer.  As a part of your reliving childhood memories itinerary, don’t miss out on some heart-pumping splashes on our rides Loopy Woopy and Yell-O. After all this, still craving for more excitement? Then we dare you to test your mettle on ‘The Screamer’ that surprises you with twists, turns, dips.


Refresh the ‘Cool’ Childhood Memories


Our ‘frozen’ hint might have given a clue to what’s in store. Vacationing in the hilly, cool regions is a fun way to jog fond memories. The best way to relive these childhood memories is at Imagicaa Snow Park. Experience real snowfall and soak in this magical moment to only then find yourself sliding on mats for some exhilarated fun time. Don’t just stop there, when the rides and hikes are done with, relive your childhood days by matching a step or two with on the snowy dance floor. To quickly replenish all the snow shenanigans, drop by the cafe and sip a hot cuppa chocolate drink with the view of the white snowy village.


Whatever the reason maybe, the underlying purpose would always remain reliving your childhood days. Make the most out of this experience by planning a long weekend with friends and family. Complete the visit with a relaxing stay at Novotel Imagicaa to keep your fatigue at bay while the numerous rides and attractions will keep your inner child alive.

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