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Woo Your Boo with different date ideas at Imagicaa

Because movie and dinner dates are too basic


Imagine this – you’ve made the earliest booking for an expensive dinner date at a beautiful restaurant to surprise your partner. Come valentine’s and your restaurant arrival has welcomed you to an overcrowded venue with servers running post to poll to manage the inflow of orders. More importantly, your romantic date night was cut short due to over-bookings! But what if all of this effort was dusted as basic and same -old- same-old dinner outing by your partner? Well, we at Imagicaa, understand the intensity of rekindling romance with Valentine’s and have the perfect response to all the hours of searches for ‘interesting places to go on a date’.


But can a theme park make for a great romantic date idea? Well, believe it or not, it is the perfect balance of fun, excitement and ticks off the boxes next to interesting and out of the blue date ideas. To make things simple, we’ve taken the liberty to curate a roller coaster of an itinerary for a romantic getaway Imagicaa has come up with Special Valentine’s Day offers and deals that won’t even burn a hole in your pocket.


Drop in Love with Dare2Drop – #DropinLoveDate


Experience the words ‘falling in love’ at its literal best with our Dare2Drop ride. It gently elevates you to a height of 132 feet and plummets you down when you least expect it. The ride will get your adrenaline pumping and heart beat racing just like ‘falling in love’.


Prehistoric Date with Rajasaurus River Adventure – #PrehistoricDate


We’ve heard our elders say that love and dating in their era was more divine and pure. What better way to go back in time and experience it? Well we are backing it up the ‘Ross’ style (*inserts F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference here*). This ride will meander through a cavern on a rickety ride dodging trees, some extinct critters to only encounter the mighty Indian dinosaur – Rajasaurus. India’s longest flume ride, this rendezvous with Rajasaurus is your cue to holding your partner’s hand on a thrilling prehistoric adventure.


High-speed Date on the Nitro – #HighSpeedDate


If this is your first swipe right date, then our high-speed date ride – Nitro fits aptly. A ride full of ups, downs, round and rounds, Nitro, redefines speed dating – the Imagicaa style. Spiralling through twists and turns, the ride will deliver a high-flying experience for couples craving an extra dose of adrenaline.
Pro Romantic Tip inspired by Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara : Before your buckle up for an exhilarating 53 seconds ride, make a survival pact with your date and hold them to it at the finish line.


Screaming Date on the Scream Machine – #ScreamingDate


They say don’t hold back your emotions when expressing your love for the other. And what better way to express it out loud than on the scream machine?
Beginning with mild pendulum motion that elevates with high speed, the Scream Machine gives you the best couples therapy you could ever be a part of.


A Long Drive with MR. India – #CarDate


Cancelled your long drive idea in fear of being stuck in traffic? Well, what if you could skip the traffic, go on that long drive with your partner and also have movie star – Anil Kapoor accompany you? This isn’t unreal. Inspired by the iconic movie – our 4D drive – Mr. India takes you on an exemplary simulation adventure that lets you experience the thrill along with some big chills. And for that extra romantic twist (just like in the movie), you can help Mr. India fight off Mogambo and save the day!


Space Date in to the Deep Space – #SpaceDate


Here’s a reason to hold your partner’s hand real tight as you race through the cosmos in the dark amid gleaming lights. This thrilling roller coaster ride is our idea of the right amount of ‘space’ in a relationship.


A gold rush for the gold diggers – #WildWestDate

Love in the wild wild west was known for its rugged rawness. Authentic to its charm, our Gold Rush Express sends you speeding through tunnels of abandoned gold mines. This rip-roaring adventure drops you from the height of 66 feet as you breeze through ranch grounds of the cowboys to the parlours and salons of the pistol-wielding outlaws and sheriffs.


A ride to space? Tick! Romance? Tick! Heart racing? Tick! Unconventional? Tick! You asked for an interesting and out of the ordinary date with your partner and we delivered! Make your way to Imagicaa near Mumbai Pune Express Highway for an adventure of a Valentine!

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