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Add 799 to access new attractions
A brand new experience at Imagicaa
Entry with 399 cover charge

Imagica High Street

Offers a blend of entertainment, shopping and dining experiences, High Street is your gateway to Imagica.
  • Access to Imagica High Street area
  • Dining & shopping areas
  • New attractions and mini activities
  • Tickets include 100% cover charge
Cover charge is redeemable in-Park at
  • House of Stars
  • Snow Park
  • Eyelusion
  • Gaming Zone
  • Restaurants
  • Merchandise stores
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Theme Park and Water Park guests get free access to High Street area.


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  • Daily Tickets
    Starting 399/person
    100% redeemable cover charge
    Access to Theme Park area, without access to rides
  • Theme Park Upgrades
    Starting 1099/person
    Regular tickets to Theme Park + other zones
    100% redeemable cover charge
    All Rides, Indoor Rides, and Outdoor Rides packages available
  • Water Park Upgrades
    Starting 1099/person
    Regular tickets to Water Park
    100% redeemable cover charge
    Includes free photo


Easy access, unlimited fun

  • Water Park guests have free access to High Street
  • Theme Park guests have free access, all-day long
  • Visitors and travellers can pre-buy tickets for High Street online or at Admissions