Imagicaa Celebrates 10th-Year Anniversary from 19th to 28th May 2023

Located in Khopoli, Imagicaa is India's largest themed entertainment park offering a gamut of interesting and unique entertainment experiences under one roof.
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Investing in OOH media has allowed us to reach wider audiences and create a larger impact

Dhimant Bakshi, CEO, Imagicaa World Entertainment, reflects on the company’s 10-year journey, the challenges and the way forward. Excerpts from an interview with Aayush Mohanan
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Imagicaa Partners With MG Motor India To Power Up EV Charging

India’s favourite themed entertainment destination, Imagicaa, today announced its collaboration with MG Motor India in a concerted effort to reduce its carbon footprint and amplify sustainability initiatives.
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Imagicaa Joins Hands with MG Motor India for Enhanced EV Charging Solutions

India’s favourite themed entertainment destination, Imagicaa, announced its collaboration with MG Motor India in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and amplify sustainability.
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Sustainable move: Imagicaa partners with MG Motor India to power up EV charging

India’s favourite themed entertainment destination, Imagicaa, today announced its collaboration with MG Motor India in a concerted effort to reduce its carbon footprint and amplify sustainability initiatives.
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Theme park sets a record at their event

Imagicaa, a popular theme park, conducted a mega gift unboxing event on December 10 as a part of their ‘Share The Joy’ initiative to spread cheer among underprivileged children.
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Welcome 2023 at this theme park

The week from Christmas leading to New Year’s Eve is a magical time as we bid adieu to the year that was and look forward to all the fun-filled adventures that the new year will bring. If you still haven’t decided what you plan to do this New Year’s Eve, here’s an exciting option.
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Enjoy a Christmas special carnival here

Here’s some exciting news for entertainment lovers and adventure seekers. Kick-start the festivities during Christmas week at Imagicaa, an entertainment destination close to Mumbai and Pune.
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Entertainment Beckons! Imagicaa Theme Park Reopens October 22

As part of the re-opening celebration Imagicaa is offering 30% off on Theme Park tickets


India, 20th October 2021: Bringing excitement for the entire family, Imagicaa, India's largest themed entertainment park is set to reopen and welcome back guests w.e.f. from 22nd October 2021. After a 6 month long hiatus post second lockdown, sounds of glee and laughter will again echo loud and wide at Imagicaa that has always provided an escape from the daily chaos. Patrons can revel once again in the power-packed entertainment the park has ranging from uniquely designed thrilling rollercoasters and outdoor rides, indoor thematic attractions, and daily in-park activities. From free-falling rides to family fun, entertainment quotient will remain the same; just laced with guided safety measures.


Taking a unique measure towards social distancing, Imagicaa has introduced India’s first Virtual Queuing app by facilitating skip long physical queue-rides and managing customer ride journey in the digital space through a mobile app. This not only aids regulation and management of customer flow per ride but also reduce on-site time spent and increased guest satisfaction and enjoyment levels.


Commenting on the re-opening, Dhimant Bakshi, CEO – Imagicaaworld Entertainment Ltd, said, “We are delighted to welcome everyone again in by providing them an adventurous, fun, and a complete safe entertainment experience where they continue creating memories with Imagicaa. This news is perfectly timed with the commencement of the festive season where everyone is looking for something to enjoy. Credit this reopening to the combined representative efforts of our apex body IAAPI, and support from the Government of Maharashtra. Prioritising safety and in lines with prescribed SOP; we have implemented all necessary safety measures at Imagicaa including the conscious decision of being operational on weekends(Friday to Sunday) and public holidays only. Introduction of ‘Virtual Queuing’ is an extended effort in this direction. Our endeavour is to deliver the best and safest guest experiences that will aid in reinvigorating the domestic tourism market.” 


On reopening, Imagicaa will operate at 50% capacity and have alternate seating to ensure utmost safety to all patrons along with all ICMR and WHO guidelines. To celebrate this joyous reopening occasion, Imagicaa has introduced 30% off on Imagicaa Theme Park tickets as a re-opening offer. Guests who have pre-booked previous Imagicaa offers can visit the website to check for operational days and select their preferred date of visit to this perfect destination that is geared up for a thoroughly safe and joyous experience.


To know more about the social distancing measures:

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Announcement For Change Of Company Name

Mumbai, 24 April, 2020: We hereby wish to inform that with due approval from our shareholders of the Company and relevant Regulatory Authorities, the name of the company is changed



The Registrar of Companies, Mumbai approved the said change in name of the Company and issued a fresh certificate of Incorporation pursuant to change of name dated April 07, 2020.

The name change represents our quest to deliver delightful memories through best in class entertainment, the company’s values and aspirations of guests seeking exciting experience through its Unique and Exceptional Theme Park under the Brand name “Imagicaa”. The New name i.e. Imagicaaworld Entertainment Limited resonates more with everyone including all the stakeholders because of its high recall value.

Although the company name has changed, our original business scope, company type, management structure, office address, and contact details remain the same. Please be assured we will be providing the very same quality of product and service on which we have built our reputation in the industry. All existing contracts and agreements are still legally valid.

We kindly request you to update your records related to us, with the changed name. All further, records of transactions, invoices and correspondence between you and our company must reflect our updated name i.e. Imagicaaworld Entertainment Limited.

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