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Sustainability in action

Imagicaa is a green field project with no relative Indian benchmarks for a similar project, thanks to our focus on environmental sustainability, safety, and quality.


Water Recycling Mechanism - Defender Filtration system

Defender filtration system is installed for water park rides & pool water filtration which is an advanced & unique filtration technology (patented product of Neptune Benson-USA). In India, Imagicaa is the only park to leverage this technology and mechanism as other water parks utilize conventional sand filters. Advantages of defender filters are as below:

  • Results in Crystal Clear Water Quality of unsurpassed levels that increases sanitation performance after filtration cycle
  • Removes
    • upto 99.9% of crypto
    • particles down to 1 micron
  • Controls turbidity to levels better than those required for drinking water
  • No need to dose flocculants Alum etc. in pool to settle down suspended solids
  • Lesser water wastage lead to reduction in fresh water make up resulting lesser Water consumption, chemical consumption and lesser power consumption as well

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Waste water which is comes out from Wash rooms (wash basins, urinals, WC’s), Kitchen & Restaurants etc. is being treated at the Sewage treatment facility/plant within the park

  • MBR (Membrane bio reactor) based STP is installed within the park
  • MBR module is 0.03 micron in size and results in crystal clear water after recycling

After treatment/recycling, recycled water is re-diverted and utilized for flushing, gardening & AC make up.

  • Utilization of recycled water has led to reduction in fresh /domestic water consumption
  • Manures generated by STP is utilized as fertilizer for gardens which helps to reduce water & land pollution


We have constructed a rain water harvesting reservoir to reduce the water footprint of the park, sourcing our water for the Water Park.
This has reduced are reliance on outside water sources, whilst also helping to help maintain the local environment.



Raw ingredients are sourced from vendors across Mumbai and Pune who have been chosen basis the competitive pricing offered and meeting the necessary ingredient, hygiene quality standards followed at Imagicaa. But most importantly adherence to the norms defined by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) as well Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a must by selected vendors.

  • Primarily following right segregation of food material coupled with FIFO and LIFO inventory valuation method works best in maintenance of perishable, non-perishable items.
    • Perishable items like vegetables and dairy products are sourced on a daily basis
    • Non –perishable items are sourced weekly
  • Non-perishable items are stored in the warehouse in a temperature regulated/controlled environment. For e.g. frozen foods like meat is stored at minus 18 degrees whereas grains etc. are maintained at 5 degrees.
  • All procedures in the facility are logged as the production functions.


Imagicaa’s endeavour is to serve the best food quality to its guest for it to etch a memorable experience. Therefore, we have acquired certification from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to run the restaurants within Imagicaa under their established statute set related to food safety and regulation in India.
Further, regular internal audits at each and every restaurant are conducted to oversee if the set benchmarks are being adhered to for the standard operating procedures laid down.
Making the system robust, external audit is conducted by MicroTECH agency which furnishes detailed reports on areas of improvement as well as highlights our strengths.