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Alibaba aur chalis chorr

The Sultan is in a grave situation and the future of the kingdom of Gulabad is in your hands now. Forty thieves have trespassed into the city walls and pose a threat to its treasures. It is upon you to retain the pride of this kingdom. So, brace those laser guns and target all those forty thieves hidden in the city!
Once you board your vehicle, you will feel like you are a part of a video game. You will travel through the city of Gulabad looking for forty thieves in this exciting interactive ride. When they pop up from behind a souk or from under a cave, you must take a shot at them with your laser guns.
The more thieves you shoot, the more points you collect. Just like a video game, the one to collect maximum points may take away super exciting prizes. So, load, aim and fire!

Ride Restrictions
Min. height: 119cm (47″).
Min. height: 107cm (42″) or taller, if accompanied by an adult.
Pregnant women are not allowed.
View additional restrictions at the ride entrance.