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Chhota Bheem The Ride

Chhota Bheem, from Dholakpur, once decided to go on a world tour and check out various international attractions. As they travelled, they befriended a fellow traveller, who was all praises about a fantastic world of fantasies- Imagicaa. Curious to know more, Chhota Bheem and his friends decided to visit Imagicaa and witness the charm themselves, and meet the Stars of Imagicaa – Tubbby, Roberto, Bow Wow and others.

So mesmerised were Chhota Bheem and friends, that they decided to stay longer at Imagicaa. Gradually, as their friendship grew, their stay prolonged, till finally, the Stars of Imagicaa confessed that they would love to have Chhota Bheem with them forever. Since Chhota Bheem was required to be back in Dholakpur, the Stars decided to create a special roller coaster ride and named it ‘Chhota Bheem The Ride’, thus welcoming Chhota Bheem and his friends to Imagicaa, forever.

Ride Restrictions
Min. height: 140cm (55″).
Min. height: 102cm (40″) if accompanied by an adult.
Pregnant women are not allowed.
View additional restrictions at the ride entrance.
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